Jan 092011
Bougainvillea on a beautiful South Florida January Day

My boys have been asking me to go to a very specific playground close to the beach for weeks now, but it has not exactly been beach weather lately. Yesterday, it was absolutely beautiful in South Florida, so I decided to make have some frugal family fun. The boys and I agreed that walking to the playground and the beach would be fun, so we made an attempt. We have 5.5 miles to the beach, so we loaded up the stroller with everything we would need and attached the stroller board for my four-year-old son.


We did not want to walk on the busy boulevard, so we took the side streets, and we made plenty of playground stops on the way. Our first stop was the post office, where we had to send off a couple of photoboooks. The second stop was at a playground by a community center, where we had our lunch and the boys played.

Before we continued on, we stopped by Target to check out the clearance, but there was nothing to come for yet.

When we got to the train station, we decided to check out a the jungle park (our name for it).

This particular park is quite spooky, and the fact that a dead body was found there last year does not make it any less spooky. My oldest son suggested that we kept on exploring though,  and our reward was discovering a new-to-us playground.

At this point we were far away from the boulevard, so we exited on another road to the north, which led us into a less-than-attractive neighborhood. We soon found the proper direction towards the beach, and we turned south towards the boulevard once again.

We walked through our historic downtown area, and this is where we found the playground the boys had been asking about.

We played there for about 45 minutes, before we continued on towards the beach. The last mile before the beach is very extravagant, and the house are beautiful. I was too tired to take out the camera though, and my 18-month-old was complaining, because he had lost his pacifier. We did pass a photo shoot for a clothing ad/catalog, but we did not stop to look. We were hungry for the beach, and we could feel the saltiness in the air.

Waterway – South Florida

When we got to the beach bridge, we were excited, and my little one forgot all about that nap he was supposed to take but never did.

South Florida Beach

The beach was busy with tourists, and there were even people in the water…crazy tourists! The lifeguards were packing up, and lots of people were leaving the beach as the sun was getting ready to set. We had no intention of getting in the water…not in January, but some years we have been in the water by February.

Sun setting over South Florida

We found a nice spot, where there was still leftover sun, and the boys played in the sand. I helped my eight-year-old practice his football throw, and we had a grand time.

It started getting dark, and we moved up to the beach playground, which my boys absolutely love. When it got too dark for me too keep track of all three of them, I put the baby in the stroller, and the boys started playing football with some other boys.

My husband picked us up around 6:30 p.m., and we made a quick stop at Publix on our way home. It was fabulous frugal day with lots of free and frugal family fun and frugal exercise in South Florida. I am very proud of my eight-year-old son who walked all the way with me, and my four-year-old  son did very little complaining, as he was comfortable on his stroller board. With all of our sidetracking and exploring, we walked about 7 miles yesterday.  

Frugal living does not have to be boring, and I think my boys had a lot more fun walking and exploring than they would have had, if we had just gotten a ride or taken the bus.

When I asked the boys what was their favorite part of the day, they both said “Everything!”

South Florida Sunset

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