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My Grocery Savings
Oh my what a shopping week! I have been doing a lot of shopping, and a lot of walking this week. Monday I took my kids to the outlet mall, as it was raining and they needed to get out. We made a quick stop at Walmart and Target. 
Wednesday I went to our local Target and Publix, and while we were inside Publix the jewelry store next door was robbed. We were only in there for about 30 minutes, and we had to walk a different way back because there were police everywhere. 
We had been in a hurry to get out of the house in the morning, because my husband decided last minute to drop us off at the shopping plaza before he went to school, which meant I was completely unprepared. I had forgotten my cell phone and my key,which wasn’t smart, and we had to walk 2 miles home with the groceries, only to have my four-year-old climb in a window to unlock the doors….crazy mom! We quickly had lunch before we had to walk run to my youngest son’s school (another 2 1/2 miles), and the rain was catching up.
Wednesday afternoon I picked up my oldest son from school at 2 p.m., and then we caught the bus to another Target and Aldi.
So yes it has been an eventful week, and I shopped more than usual, but I have been below budget for several weeks, so it was time to stock up on the staples. Since my husband could finally pick us up, I made sure to buy LOTS.

My Target Deals: At Target I spent $40 and saved $46

My Aldi Deals: Spent $40 (Saved $22)

Walmart Deals:$9.28
(Saved Nothing – See Walmart Price Comparison)

My Publix Deals: $27.95 (Saved $41.32)

Publix Groceries Saved $41 Spent $28

MF: Manufacturer’s Coupon
TC: Target Coupon
PC: Publix Coupon
WD: Winn Dixie Coupon
BOGO: Buy One Get One Free

Publix Grocery Shopping Trip

6 x Lenders Bagels on BOGO sale @ 2 for $2.09 = $6.27 ($1.05 each)

2 x Starkist Tuna on BOGO sale @ 2 for $3.97 ($1.99 each)
2 x Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza on BOGO sale @ 2 for $2.95 ($1.48 each)
Kraft Shredded Cheese on sale @ $2 
– $0.75 TC = $1.25
Kraft White Amr. Cheese Singles on sale @ $2 – $1 PC = $1
Lactaid whole milk $3.89
– $1 MF = $2.89

Planters Cashews on BOGO sale @ 2 for $6.29
– (2 x $1 TC) = $4.29 ($2.15 each)

2 x Glad ForceFlex Garbage Bags on sale @ $5.49 = $10.98
– (2 x $3 MF Glad Coupon and 2 x $1 TC) = $2.98 ($1.49  each)

 2 x Johnson & Johnson Bubblebath @ $3.99 each = $7.98 

– ($3 PC and 2 x $1 MF and $1 WD) = $1.98 ($0.99 each)

Total spent @ Publix $27.95

Total Saved @ Publix  $41.32

Total spent on groceries this week $106 for a family of 5

Total saved on groceries this week $109.32

Total spent this week including groceries and gifts $117.23
Total saved this week including groceries and gifts $109.32


Check out the Aldi spot for a Price Comparison List between Aldi, Target, Publix and Walmart.

You can also find lots of great printable coupons at my coupon database My Best Printable Coupons



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Being Frugal and Making It Work

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