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ABC’s Good Morning America had a feature on Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy on January 24 explaining that buying groceries on sale at drug stores can be very economical. Diehard CVSers already know the benefits of their extra buck program, sales and the combining of CVS and manufacturer coupons on household budgets, but to the uniformed it is a new concept.  Who would think you could buy groceries economically at a pharmacy?  Not me.  I shopped at CVS for years before I actually started looking at the groceries as a viable means of saving money. As my last three trips indicate, I have learned that to really save on my grocery budget I need to focus more on grocery deals at CVS Pharmacy.

Groceries From CVS Pharmacy 1/14

My shopping trip of 1/14 I brought home four full-size bags of Lay’s chips and three 12-pks of Pepsi for a net out of pocket cost of $10*.  
Groceries from CVS Pharmacy 1/21

On 1/21 I purchased  four Sobe drinks, a six pack of Boost High Protein Drink and a box of Quaker quick Oats for a net cost of $1.69*.
1/24 CVS Pharmacy Groceries
This week I stocked up on cereal and a few other items.  For a net out of pocket cost of $12.91* I added five boxes of Cheerios, four boxes of Special K, one Boost Drink 6-pk., two packs of Extra Gum, four Sobe Drinks, one box of Saltines, one bottle of Apple Juice, and one box of Quaker Oats to my pantry.  *plus tax

If you have not looked at buying groceries at CVS Pharmacy yet, be sure to look over the ad each week to see if they are offering a great price on an item you normally would purchase at your grocery store.  Each week at Simply CVS we list the current grocery items that are on sale and do coupon match-ups for them.  Some perishable items vary from region to region, so be sure to check the flyer in your store for all the grocery sales.

So now when you think of frugal grocery shopping, don’t overlook CVS Pharmacy. And to find all the information about current and hot sale deals at CVS visit Simply CVS.

Simply CVS
Thank you Cheryl for sharing your grocery shopping tips for CVS Pharmacy here at the Frugal Shopping at CVS series.

I would like to invite everyone to stop by Simply CVS. Cheryl keeps CVS Shoppers updated on all the latest CVS Pharmacy deals, and she also provides CVS shopping tips, coupon match ups, clearance updates and more. If you would like to learn more about how to shop for groceries at CVS Pharmacy, or how save big at CVS make sure to follow Simply CVS, and if you do not want miss out on any of the best deals, don’t forget to sign up for emails as well.

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