Jan 282011

Yesterday I manged to swing by Target very quickly to pick up milk and orange juice. I had a rain check from last week, and when I discovered a Target orange juice coupon online, it ended up being the best deal on orange juice this week. I am amazed at how much orange juice and very expensive lactaid milk my family goes through every week. I guess I should not be surprised though, as I have three growing boys, and a hardworking husband in the house.

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So with a potential case of bronchitis I jumped on the bus with my oldest and youngest sons to get grocery shopping done. In the morning I had stopped by Aldi with my middle and youngest son, and since he was now in school I could scout for a few last birthday presents for him.

I lucked out as the final toys on clearance finally went to join the rest of the toys at the Target 75 percent off toy clearance sale, and I could pick up the Disney Cars tent I had been waiting for, since before Christmas. Amazingly there was only one left. One!

Groceries at Target
2 x Lactaid Milk @ $3.59 each = $7.18 – (2 x $1 MF) = $5.18 ($2.59 each)
2 x MP Orange Juice (Rain check) @ $1.99 each = $3.98 (- $1 MF) = $2.98  ($1.49)
1 Silk Milk on sale @ $2.79 – (1 x $1 MF) = $1.79

Total out of pocket $9.91
Total saved $4.89

Gifts at Target
2 x Pool toys (crocodile and whale) on clearance at Target for $2.62 each (Was $10.49) = $5.24
Disney Cars Play Tent from Play Hut on clearance at Target for $4.98 (Was $19.99)

Total out of pocket $10.84
Total Saved $30.75

Total spent at Target $20.75
Total saved at Target $35.64

You can see the rest of my Target Toy Clearance finds here.

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