Jan 132011

Once again I lucked out at the Target Clearance sale. Since I do not have a car to drive, keeping up with the Target Clearance sales has to do with both luck and keeping up-to-date with other Target shoppers. Today I managed to hit the 75 percent off Target Toy Clearance sale on the first day (just like I managed to get to the 75 percent off and 90 percent off Target after Christmas sale on the first day as well).

Check out the estimated 2011 Target Christmas Clearance dates here.

Check out the estimated 2012 Target Toy Clearance dates here.

I went to my local Target yesterday, and it did not look or sound optimistic, so I decided to head to another Target store further away this morning. This meant dragging two little ones and a stroller on the bus, but with a little niece, many nephews and three boys of my own, there was no way that I was going to miss the Target toy clearance sale.

Target 75 Percent Off Toy Clearance

There were about three aisle of clearance. The first two were all 75 percent off clearance, with some 50 percent off as well. Then there was one aisle with a little 50 percent off and lots of 30 percent off clearance. This aisle included play tents, and outdoor items.

This is what I got for my sons, nieces and nephews for 2011 birthdays and Christmas.
Circo First Words Baby Doll was $14.99 
on clearance sale at $3.74 (Saved $11.25)
Circo Medical Play Set was $9.99 
on clearance at $2.48 (Save $7.51)

Playskool Wheel Pals Animal Tracks Polar Party was $14.99 
on clearance at $3.74 (Save $11.25)
Playskool Wheel Pals Animal Tracks Jungle Journey was $14.99 
on clearance at $3.74 (Save $11.25)

Circo Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks was 9.99 
on clearance at $2.48 (Saved $7.51)
Circo Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks was 9.99 
on clearance at $2.48 (saved $7.51)

Circo Shape Sorting Cube was 9.99
on clearance at $2.48 (Saved $7.51)

Circo Mini Play Kitchen was $15.19 
on clearance at $3.78 (Saved  $11.41)
Circo Sort and Spin Hippo was $15.49
on clearance at $3.87 (Saved  $11.62)
Shark Attack was $14.99 
on clearance at $3.74 (Save $11.25)
Disney Cars GeoTracks Ramone was $19.99 
on clearance sale at $4.98 (Saved $15.01)

Total spent after tax $39.77
Total saved $113.08

My goal is to have all of my gift shopping for my overseas family done before May, as I am hoping for a European visit by then, which will save me a lot on shipping. I now have my niece and nephews done, which I am very excited about. There were even a few birthday gifts for my two youngest sons as well.

I was honestly tempted to buy more, but I had to drag it back on the bus with two boys and my Mia Moda Sportivo Stroller (which fortunately can be folded with one hand), then I had to drop of my four-year-old at school, pick up my eight-year-old and return to pick up my four-year-old…all by foot.

I made it though, and all of the toys made it home safely ready to be wrapped.

I am going to visit my local Target store tomorrow morning, in the hopes that it too has toys at 75 percent off clearance, as that store had a lot of summer/pool stuff, which I would love to get my hands on at 75 percent off.  I also have my eyes off some really cool play mats, which is still at 50 percent off…..I’ll keep checking though.

Did your Target have 75 percent off toy clearance, and did you have any success at the Target toy clearance sale?

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