Jan 282011
Spent $5.61 – $11.20 Saved at Walgreens
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Just as I thought I was over the latest cold, it came back with a vengeance, and it seems that I have caught a round of bronchitis. So, when Money Saving Mom posted a deal about getting Register Rewards back for buying Kleenex at Walgreens, I knew I had to take advantage of the deal. I did not have all the coupons that was listed on Money Saving Mom, but I had coupons, and I NEEDED Kleenex, as I was running around with a roll of toilet paper.

When I went to Walgreens today, exhausted from a five mile walk (and coughing like a sea lion all the way) there were no signs of the deal anywhere. The employees had not heard about the deal, but that did not surprise me as I try my best to avoid this particular Walgreens store for a reason.

I went ahead and did the transaction, and sure enough I got two RR back. Knowing myself, I was smart enough to realize that I better use those RR now, because I am not a fan of our local Walgreens store. So I looked for the best deal possible. Cheez-It was on sale, there was a Walgreens coupon, and I had just picked up a bunch of free papers with free coupon inserts on my walk.

This is how I did

1st Transaction:
7 x Kleenex 110 ct on sale at $0.89 each
– 2 x $0.50 MF Coupons

Subtotal $5.23
Tax $0.38

Total $5.61

Saved $5.20

I got 2 RR back.

2nd Transaction
2 x Cheez-Its on sale at 2 for $5
– $2 Walgreens Coupon (From coupon booklet)
– $1 Manufacturers coupon
– 2 Register Rewards from previous transaction

Out of pocket $0
Saved $6

Total for both transactions $5.61

Total saved $11.20

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