Jan 182011
Walmart Grocery Shopping

I actually shopped at Walmart this week, which is a very rare occurrence, but there was a Walmart next to the mall I was at yesterday, so I wanted to see how the Walmart prices compared to those at Aldi. As a result I ended up adding Walmart to the price comparison list, and I was surprised to see that Walmart only had the lowest price one product.

I only bought a few items, which were items I had run out of, and I would have been able to get all items cheaper at Aldi, but I am not going there until Thursday. Despite being the mother of three boys, this is actually the first time I have tried Walmart’s Parents Choice diapers. So far they are holding up well, and I have nothing negative to say about them.

This is what I got at Walmart:

Great Value Whole Wheat bread $1.64 (Aldi price $1.19)
Great Value Grape Jelly $1.67 (Aldi price $1.39)
Parents Choice diapers $5.97 (Aldi price $5.39)

So I did not save anything compared to my regular grocery stores, but my two youngest sons sure were happy that I could make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for today’s picnic by the lake.

If you want to see how Aldi and Walmart compared on prices check out the full Grocery Price Comparison List here.

  4 Responses to “Shopping At Walmart – Walmart Price List”

  1. How about an actual price list of hmmm let’s see…prices…like the headline dictates, or in this case doesn’t dictate….here’s your sign.

  2. I want a 19.99 oil change at my walmart on space center drive in Colorad Springs

  3. Wheres the list of prices like the aption says? #dissapointment

  4. Wheres the list????! waist of time

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