Feb 162011

I wanted to post a reminder and and update to all of you about the Free diapers at amazon or almost free diapers and training pants at Amazon.com. The other day I posted about how I was able to get 58 Huggies Training pants for free at Amazon.com with free shipping after a coupon from Parenting Magazine, on this purchase I did use $3.98 from my Swagbucks rewards.

2nd transaction with the 20 percent off coupon

The update is that I was able to find a 20 percent coupon in my free Baby Talk magazine, and when I combined it with the Subscribe and Save 15 percent off discount, the Amazon Mom 15 percent off coupon and the $10 coupon, I paid absolutely nothing – and I did not even have to use my rewards from Swagbucks.

I found Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants with Learning Designs, Boys, 2T-3T, 58-Count for $19.97, then I used the 15 percent off discount for being a member of Amazon Mom (Free Amazon Mom Membership), and I combined it with the 15 percent off discount for signing up for the Subscribe and Save option Subscribe and Save Details), I added the 10 dollar off a baby store purchase coupon, and my last action was to add the 20 percent off coupon.

I did; however, have to use my husband’s amazon account, as I could not use the $10 off coupon on the item at my account, it went through fine at my husband’s account though.

I found $10 off a purchase in the Baby Store at Amazon.com in my free subscriptions to Parenting Magazine and Babytalk (Expires 2/28).

1st transaction without the 20 percent off coupon

Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants with Learning Designs, Boys, 2T-3T, 58-Count
(Make sure to sign up for free baby magazines, whenever you find a free subscription), if you already get them, ALWAYS look through the magazines for coupons, even if you do not have time to read it. If you don’t get these magazines, check your local library to see if they have them in stock.

If you do not have any of the 20 percent off coupons, or have free amazon gift cards from Swagbucks $3.98 for 58 Training pants is still a great deal ($0.8 per diaper)

You can do the same with any of the diapers at amazon.com, just remember to use the Amazon Mom and the Subscribe and Save discounts to get 30 percent off the price, before you add your $10 coupon.

Remember to CANCEL your subscribe and save order (unless you are going to use it):
When you choose the Subscribe and Save option, make sure to take the 6 month option (in case you forget), then as soon as your shipment arrive go to My Account, go to Orders, and then go to Manate Subscribe & Save Items, where you can cancel the next shipment

Check out these Money Saving Mom posts to get free magazines:

Free Parents Magazine 6 month subscription, Free American Baby Magazine, and Free Baby Talk Magazine.

Thank you Money Saving Mom, for sharing this fabulous deal

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