Feb 132011
Conair Hairbrush on clearance at CVS – 75 percent off

I made a quick stop at CVS Pharmacy this morning to look for the diet coke coupons that I had heard talk about at Simply CVS. Unfortunately the CVS I went into did not have any, but I still got a great deal. A while ago someone mentioned at Simply CVS that they had found hairbrushes at 75 percent off. I looked and looked, but I only found them at 25 – 50 percent off.

Well, today I decided to take a peak at the hair brush section in the CVS Pharmacy store I went into, and sure enough there it was Conair hairbrushes at 75 percent off. They also had lots of hair accesories at 75 percent off making each less than a dollar.

I found the brushes on clearance at a separate display near the end of the hair accessory aisle, but in some CVS Pharmacy stores I have found this display in other parts of the store, and not near the hair accessories, so take a look around, perhaps you can find yourself a new brush too, 

I picked up a ConAir Tourmaline Gel Grips hairbrush on clearance for $2.49 (was $9.99)

I used $1.50 EXTRA Bucks
My total out of pocket was $1.05

I saved $9.

I am very excited about my find, as my old Conair hairbrush died about six months ago. I had bought that at a CVS clearance sale for about $1 more than 3 years ago. Thank you Cheryl for always making sure that I know what to look for at CVS Pharmacy. If you love CVS Pharmacy, make sure to stop by Simply CVS for the latest news, tips and coupon match ups.

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