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By taking advantage of the CVS Pharmacy sales weekly and combining extra bucks and coupons it is easy to start a stockpile.  You will basically be transferring CVS stock from CVS shelves to your own shelves.  Before long you will be collecting a month or more of non-perishable items so you may want to start thinking where you can store extra supplies. Couponers come up with creative ways to store their extra supplies.

Stockpiling is having a little (or large) stock of non-perishable items in your
own home. Hoarding would be the extreme of stockpiling.  When wanting to save the most money possible, a stockpile is necessary–it assures you will never have to pay full price for any basic, non-perishable item.  CVS Pharmacy is a great place to build your health and beauty stockpile. I also keep some foods stockpiled from CVS.

If you are squeezing out the last bit of toothpaste in the morning before work you will need to stop where it is convenient to pick up a tube on the way home.  You will pay a high price this way.  If you have a stockpile, you will have another tube waiting, which you probably got free or for pennies at CVS.

It is important to decide how much stockpile is reasonable for you.  A month’s worth?  Six months?  A year?  Maybe you have a space issue so you will fill three shelves and that’s it–but you still need to decide how much of each item you will stock.

Toothpaste is a great example.  I never pay for toothpaste and there are so many deals on it at CVS that I have all the stock at home I need.  So I either get it and share it–with other family or friends or donate it to needy charities–or I need to pass up all the future deals until I use some up.
Remember, with the coupons, sales and extra bucks at CVS Pharmacy, many items are free or pennies on the dollar so you don’t need a lot of money to build a stockpile.  And you will save a lot of money over the year.

A stockpile builds slowly at first as you learn how to shop at CVS, but before you know it you will have more health and beauty items (and many over the counter meds) than your family can use and you will be able to share with others in need or friends  and relatives.

For lessons on making the most of the CVS Pharmacy extra buck program and for all of the current and many future weekly deals with coupon match-ups visit Simply CVS.

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Thank you Cheryl for sharing your tips on how to create a stockpile by shopping at CVS Pharmacy here at the Frugal Shopping at CVS series.

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