Feb 242011
I have learned over the years that shopping at CVS Pharmacy can save my thousands of dollars each year on my family budget.  CVS Pharmacy shopping has many little quirks that make the savings even sweeter.  I try to share these with my readers at Simply CVS thru Tips &Tricks, Lessons and even Snippets.  I thought I’d share three of my favorites with  Frugality Is Free Readers today.

  1. Sign Up for CVS Emails
    1. You will automatically get a $4 off a $20 purchase coupon (this is the sub-total before coupons).
    2. Throughout the year you MAY receive more of these or other great coupons (or you may not–it is random)
  2. Sunday Ads Often Activate Saturday Evening
    1. Check with your store to see when the ads start at your store.  Almost all do by 6:00 PM Saturday allowing shoppers to take advantage of both week’s deals.
    2. There can be problems with this switch over–for details check out my explanation at Simply CVS.
  3. Weekly Extra Buck Deal Limits Are Sometimes Raised
    1. Be sure to check the bottom of your receipt to see if it says “limit reached” for each deal you are interested in.  Once in a while they are increased–often from 2 to 5 even, so it pays to check.

Simply CVSSimply CVS offers all of the current and many future CVS Pharmacy Deals each week.  There are also many CVS shopping lessons and CVS Shopping Tips to make your savings increase while shopping at CVS Pharmacy.

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