Feb 202011
Free Kleenex at Walmart

With all year allergies (that are peaking at the moment) and constant colds, I could not pass a deal on free Kleenex, so despite the fact that Walmart is a bit out of my way, I knew I had to make a visit. I scouted the blogs for the best deals, collected my coupons, and I was off to Walmart for my first couponing trip in a while. In the past I have only had issues with shopping with coupons at Walmart so I held my breath. Since I was a at Walmart I managed to update my Walmart price list, and I was surprised to see that very little had changed, since my last Walmart visit.

I had lots of coupons, but the Walmart was out of a lot of the products I was going to get for free, but I still did pretty good considering. It even looked as if Walmart was out of Kleenex, but I was not leaving without my kleenex, so I climbed up on a shelf, spotted a box way behind and managed to pull it out. 

My Walmart Shopping

1 Malox for $4.38 -$5 Malox coupon (1/9 SS) = – $0.62 overage = FREE
12 x  Kleenex boxes for $0.97 – (12 x $1 MF from 2/13SS (Regional coupon)) = – $0.36 overage = FREE
10 boxes of Ronzoni Garden Delights @ $1.08 each = $10.80 
– (10 x $1 Ronzoni Garden Delights MF Coupon 1/23 SS) = $0.80 ($0.08 each)
2 packages of Fleischman yeast @ $1.12 each = $2.24
– (2 x $0.40 Fleischman Coupons MF SS 12/5) = $1.44 ($0.72 each)
4 x 20 oz Palmolive dishdetergent 20 oz  @ 2.37 = $9.48 
– (4 x $1 Palmolive Coupon ((Regional coupon)) = $5.48 ($1.37 each)
1 x Ruffles $0.97 – $0.99 coupon Facebook offer = $0.02 overage = FREE
Subtotal $1.48
Taxes $1.48
Total $8.21 
Saved $31.30

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