Feb 222011
Homemade Pollo Tropical Meal – Grilled Chicken .

My kids were craving Pollo Tropical (A Caribbean Grilled Chicken and Rice chain in Florida), but instead of spending a lot of money on Pollo Tropical take out for a family of five, which would have been around $20, I decided brush off my frugal cooking skills and go ahead and give the homemade Pollo Tropical version a try. I was able to make the meal for five for $4.14, but I had bought all of the products for the meal on sale with coupons, so the regular cost would have been closer to $10.

My husband received a small George Foreman grill for Christmas, and I have recently become a fan, so I pulled out the George Foreman and grilled some chicken I found on sale at Publix last week.

Earlier today I a fabulous Target deal on Birds Eye frozen veggies, so I added a bag of corn, one can of cheap black beans from Aldi, and voila I had made Pollo Tropical rice.

I had some leftover salsa in the fridge, and I did not want to open a new can, so instead I chopped up a tomato that needed to be used, added some leftover red onion, chopped garlic and some chives from the garden,

The finishing touch was Old El Paso tortillas, which I got on BOGO sale at Publix, and all of a sudden our homemade meal had a very authentic Pollo Tropical feel.

Homemade Pollo Tropical Meal The Vegetarian Version

Now, as a vegetarian, I of course had to make my own version, so I used a Morningstar Spicy Black Bean burger in my tortilla instead of grilled chicken.

The cost of the meal:

Frozen Birds Eye Steamfresh Corn $0.40
1 can of black beans from Aldi $0.55
1 bag of Old El Paso tortillas from Publix $0.65
1 cups of white rice $0.25

1 tomato from Aldi $0.28
1/3 bag of frozen Publix chicken breast $1.67
1 Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Burger from Publix $0.34

Total cost for a family of four $4.14 ($0.83 per serving)

Do you have a favorite restaurant meal that you can make at home for a fraction of the cost, but for the same taste?

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