Feb 252011
Thrift Store Shopping: $17.47 for 17 pieces of clothing

Thrift store shopping can be very frugal, but if you are not very careful it can end up filling your home with unneccesary clutter, and you might easily spend money that you did not plan on in the first place. From my own experience thrift store prices can easily be higher than those of new purchases at the store, especially if you shop clearance, use coupons and shop the sales.

About once a year I go to my local thrift store to purchase work clothing for my husband. He has a job that is very rough on clothing, and it does not matter what brand the clothing is, if it rips it rips, and he gets paint stains on the clothes no matter how much I pay for it. I also try to find hats for everyone in the family, and if I am lucky I can find uniform shorts in great condition at the thrift store. My favorite thrift store has lots of great children’s books ranging from 42 cents to 59 cents, but our bookshelves are filled to the max, so we did buy anything.

I stay far away from the uniform polos though as they fade fast, and in general I purchase very little kids clothing at the thrift store, as thrift store clothing rarely makes it through two boys. I have three boys, so it makes more sense for me to buy new, and then have at least two boys be able to wear it.

On Fridays my local thrift store has a big sale, so this is the only day that I will actually go there. The thrift store is divided into color codes, and every day 1 or 2 colors will be 50 percent off. On Fridays they have 3-4 colors at 50 percent off, so this is really the time to buy. I think this particular thrift store is expensive if it is not 50 percent off, but the Goodwill next to it is even worse.

Today I had $25 cash with me, I had a list of items to look for, and I only had two boys with me as my middle son was in school. Having three boys with me at the thrift store is a recipe for disaster.

My original thrift store shopping list:

  • Work shorts and t shirts for my husband
  • Work hats for my husband
  • Hats for me and the kids
  • Uniform shorts for my two oldest sons
  • Shorts for me
  • Overall shorts for my toddler
  • Dictionaries, science books and shark books.
  • Large plant pots

Everything I bought was 50 percent off:

For my husband:
Two work hats $0.50 each = $1
Tommy Hilfinger Khaki shorts $2
Gap khaki shorts $1.50
4 work t shirts @ $0.50 each = $2

For me:
New York & Company khaki shorts $0.99
New York & Company black shorts $2
Mossimo brown shorts $2

For my 8-year-old son:
Uniform shorts size 8 $0.50
Uniform shorts size 10 $0.99
Uniform shorts NEW size 12 $2

For my soon-to-be five-year-old son.
Uniform shorts size 5 $0.99
Uniform shorts size 6 $0.99
Uniform pants size 5 $0.50

17 items for $17.46
I saved $17.46 of the original thrift store price

I’m not sure what purchase I am the most excited about, but it is probably a tie between all of the uniform shorts and my New York & Company shorts. New York & Company is one of my favorite clothing brands, but it is normally out of my price range. Uniform shorts usually cost between $12 and $24 a piece, so at $0.50 – $0.99 each the price is just crazy. I put a lot of shorts back that looked worn, but the ones I ended up purchasing looked great, and I am hoping that they will last through at least two boys.

How often do you go thrift store shopping? Do you have any products you always get, and some that you will not buy at a thrift store.

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