Feb 242011
the pantry
This grocery shopping week has been fantastic for my pantry and the freezer, and both the pantry and the freezer is now stocked up to maximum capacity. My husband looked at the pantry and declared that we were now prepared for hurricane season, he thinks it is going to be a tough one. I’m not so sure, as the kids and I have been in Florida for four years without experiencing a hurricane. Of course, my husband was right in the middle of a hurricane a few months before we joined him here.
I have already dropped one bag of groceries off at our local library’s food pantry collection site, but after yesterday’s Publix shopping trip, I already have another bag to drop off. My neighbors go through a lot of beans as well, but they find coupon shopping overwhelming, so I made sure to share some with them too.
Last night after the kids went to bed, I took everything out of my pantry and started organizing. With about 50 new cans of beans and veggies, I knew I had to do some reorganizing to make everything fit, and it could only be done without the help of my kids.
So, I am happy to announce that the pantry is filled up to capacity, and it is going to save us a lot of money in the long run. Just the fact that I will not have to buy black beans at full price anymore…wow, even if I had bought black beans at Aldi ($0.55 each), I would have paid a whole lot more. If I had bought 30 cans of black beans at aldi over a year, I would have paid $16.50. Thanks to the Italian sale at Publix, I paid $4.80 for 30 cans of beans, and we should now be set for the year.
Frugal shopping and extreme couponing is all about having a stockpile, but it is important to remember that you do not want your stockpile to expire on you. I am happy to announce that I only found one expired product during the pantry re-organization.

Frugal Tips for keeping the pantry frugal and efficient:
  • Organize by expiration date – (The newest items in the back and the oldest in the front.)
  • Make sure you can see your products, if you can’t see it you might forget you have it.
  • When you find a great deal stock up (at least 3 months worth)
  • Keep the pantry clean, dry and bug free.
  • Keep beauty and cleaning items in a separate place away from food items.
  • Know how much your family eats
  • Know the best price on a product (with our without coupons*)
  • Email companies for coupons, if you cannot find any for the products your family likes.
*Check out the grocery price comparison list to locate the best price on a product before coupons.
Take a look at the pantry – the newly organized pantry.
the pantry
The Pantry: Filled To The Max
Some of the great deals I have in the pantry:
Free Kleenex
Free GM Cheerios
Free Quaker Oatmeal
Free Ronzoni Pasta
Free Yakisoba Noodles
Krusteaz Cookie Mix $0.10 each
In our linen closet I have a separate shelf for beauty products and one for cleaning products, in the kitchen I have a cabinet for cereal and juice, and then I have one with the products that needs to be used first.
As I mentioned already, my freezer is also filled to the max, and it is tiny.
The miniature freezer – filled to maximum capacity

Some of the deals I have in the freezer:
Do you have an organized pantry, or perhaps any tips for keeping the pantry organized?

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  1. Wow, that is quite the stock up. I think that this would last way longer than just hurricane season!!

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