Feb 242011

Today I went to Target to spend the $15 in gift cards that I earned on my last Target frozen food shopping trip. Our fridge was filled up to max capacity with frozen veggies, but we were completely out of meat, so I knew there was no way out.

I wanted to make sure that I took advantage of the frozen food gift card deal at least one last time, so I added some extra items to my meat purchase, and they basically paid for themselves. My boys had been asking for lemonade, and I was planning on getting it at Publix. When I discovered the frozen Publix lemonade on sale, I knew that was the perfect solution. Instead of 1 gallon for $2.99, I was able to get two frozen cans at Target at $0.87 each (making 2 gallons). I also made a last-minute change to my grocery list, when I discovered that the Simply Orange juice was cheaper at Target than at Publix. By buying the OJ at Target instead of at Publix, I saved 15 cents. I know, it’s not much, but it was the price for a can of veggies at Publix.

MP: Market Pantry
TC: Target Coupon
MF: Manufacturer coupon

Here is how I did at Target:

I had $15 in gift cards from Monday’s Target trip.

This is what I bought:
2 x Market Pantry frozen chicken 2.5 lb on sale @ $5.84 = $11.68 
– $1.50 Target Coupon = $10.18 ($2.04 each)
3 x Birds Eye Steamfresh frozen veggies @ $1.02 each = $3.06 
– $1 MF = $2.06 ($0.69 each)
2 x MP frozen lemonade @ $0.87 each = $1.74
Seventh Generation dish detergent $2.69 
– ($1 MF and $1 Target Coupon) = $0.69
Simply Orange Juice on sale @ $2.84 – $1 MF = $1.84
Jeans on clearance at $4.98 – $5 Target Coupon = FREE
Subtotal $16.48 – $15 Gift Card
Total spent  $1.48
Total saved $42.59

Spent at Target $17.88
Saved at Target $46.60


Total spent at Target this week: $19.72
Total Saved at Target this week: $89.90

I received a $5 gift card back (This will be used towards my middle son’s birthday gift)

How did you do on your Target savings this week? You can link up your shopping trip below.

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