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Today I got an two hours for myself while grocery shopping, and it has been so long that I felt lost without at least one little one to talk to or keep track off. I already did so much shopping this week that I have the feeling that I am going to go over budget. I have been having some printing issues, and the only computer that I could print out coupons from coupons.com and redplum.com has gotten a virus, so I could easily have saved more, if I had had the right coupons.

My husband loves to use black beans in his Jamaican cooking, and my boys love black beans and rice, so I knew this was the time to stock up, and I did so big time! As a vegetarian I also love to use chick peas in my cooking, so it was quite a luxury to be able to get so many cans.

We do not eat canned veggies, but my husband reminded me that hurricane season would be here before we knew it, and the canned veggies are also great for donating to the local food pantry. I usually bring a bag of food to the collection spot at our library every week, so some of the canned veggies will definitely go in the food pantry bag.

I had heard so many different stories about how some Publix stores accepted the $5 Publix coupon from the Italian sale on top of the $1 Publix coupons, so the first thing I did was head to customer service. I was able to ask the store manager, and there was no doubt in his mind. Yes, you can! I withheld a scream of excitement, thanked him and then I went crazy can shopping.

40 cans of Progresso black beans, cannelli beans and chick peas on sale at 3 for $2 = $26.67 – (10 x $1 Publix coupons and 2 x $5 Publix Coupons from the Italian Sale coupon booklet, can be found in store or online). = $6.67 ($0.16 per can)
20 cans of Green Giant low sodium sweet corn and sweet peas on BOGO sale at 2 for $1.29 = $12.90 – (5 x $1 Publix Coupons from the Italian Sale Booklet and 1 x $5 Publix Coupon) = $2.90 ($0.15 per can)
6 x Hunt Tomato Sauce on sale at 6 for $2 ($0.33 each)
French Buns from the Publix Bakery $1.65 
– ($1.50 PC from the Italian Sale Booklet in store) = $0.15
2 x Sargento Shredded Cheese on sale @ 2 for $1 
– (2 x $1.50 MF) = $1 ($0.50 each)
2 x Sorrento Mozzarella Cheese on sale at 2 for $5 
– (2 x $1 MF) = $3 ($1.50 each)
2 x Ricola herb cough drops on BOGO sale @ 2 for $1.79 
– ($1 MF) = $0.79 ($0.40 each)
2 x Crisco Extra Virgin Olive Oil on BOGO sale @ 2 for $6.09 
– (2 x $0.75 MF) = $5.34 ($2.67)
2 x Bertolli Pasta Sauce on BOGO sale @ 2 for $2.79 
– ($1.50 MF) = $1.29 ($0.65 each)
1 x Reach Dental Floss on sale at $0.99 
– $1 MF = $0.01 overage = FREE
Whole portabella mushrooms $1.69

Total Spent $24.13

Total Saved $87.79

I want to remind everyone about the 
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How did you do on your grocery savings this week, you can link up below.

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