Feb 102011
Clearance Socks and Underwear at Target

Today I went to the mall with gift cards burning a hole in my pocket, but for the second time in a row they were left unharmed. The clearance at Sears and JCPenney does not seem like clearance prices to me these days, and the sandals I needed for my oldest son were nowhere to be found. So instead I headed to Target, where I did find some great clearance deals. I found boxer shorts, Shaun White boys shoes and socks on clearance, and not just 30 percent off…I’m talking about the real kind of clearance. I went to two different Target stores today, and the sock clearance and the underwear clearance were big at both stores, so maybe you will find some cheap socks and great Target clearance deals at your local store too.

I found this display on the right at the far right corner of both Target stores, it is an end cap at the bulk product section (behind the candy). The botton drawer has some fabulous clearance deals on socks, and clearance on Hanes underwear as well. In one of the Target stores (South Florida), I also found a few of the sock deals in the men’s sock section, but this endcap had the best deals.

Some of the Target clearance deals I found.

All Pro Men’s socks on clearance at Target

All Pro Men’s socks (Gold Toe) 6 pack on clearance at Target for $1.74 (Was $6.99) – Black, Gray and White different sizes, but mostly Large size 8 1/2 – 14.

All Pro Boys socks (Gold Toe) 6 pack on clearance at Target for $2.50 (Was $5) – Different sizes

All Pro Girls socks (Gold Toe) 6 pack on clearance at Target for $4.88 (Was $6.99) – Different sizes

Hanes Girls bikini underwear 6 pack on clearance at $3 (Was $6)

Hanes Boxer Briefs 5 pack on clearance at Target for $3 (Was $6) – Sizes S (6 -8) , M (10 – 12)and L (14 – 16)

Hanes Girls underwear on clearance at Target
Found at Mens’ sock section: 

Merona classic men’s socks 3 pair on clearance at Target for $1.25 (Was $5)

Shaun White boys shoes on clearance at Target

I also found Shaun White boys shoes on a display in the shoe department with big clearance discounts.

Shaun White boys shoes on clerarance at Target for $6.98 (Was $27.99).

There were different sizes and colors to choose between. There used to be some great Shaun White coupons on Target.com, but they are no longer there:(

Did you find any great Target clearance deals lately?

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