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Come share your grocery savings posts at the weekly savings linky here at Frugality Is Free. Frugality Is Free is all about frugal living, and every week frugal shoppers from all over the country come to link up their frugal grocery trips deals.

I’m a little late posting today, as I just came home from a 9 mile walk! I started at noon, when I dropped off my four-year-old son at pre k, then I picked my oldest son up, and I took him and my 18-month-old son to the park, before we headed to Kohl’s. My husband dropped my four-year old off with us at 4 p.m., and after 1 hour on a second playground we walked home! The best part is that it felt like summer in South Florida today.

This week I ran into a problem that only seasoned coupon shoppers encounter. There were no male cashiers! It might be sexist, but they are so much easier to deal with, especially the young ones, and instead of bickering over the coupons, they are impressed and want to learn.

$24.29 @ Publix

So, I looked through all the registers, and there were not any coupon friendly cashiers, so I just chose one….unfortunately she had to get almost every coupon confirmed with the manager, so it turned out to be quite a hassle….I still got what I came for, and I used the coupons I needed to use, but oh my what a difference the cashier makes. Fortunately I had two very well-behaved boys with me, and they were rewarded with Publix balloons and a big thank you for being so good.

Do you have a cashier preference?

My Grocery Savings

MF: Manufacturer’s Coupon
TC: Target Coupon
PC: Publix Coupon
WD: Winn Dixie Coupon
BOGO: Buy One Get One Free

Publix Grocery Shopping Trip

NY Style pita Chip $2.69 – FREE coupon = FREE
NY Style pita Chip $2.69 – FREE coupon = FREE

Vlasic Pickles (Rain Check) on BOGO sale @ 2 for 2.89
– (2 x $0.50 MF) = $1.89 ($0.95 each)

10 x Morningstar Burgers on BOGO sale @ 2 for $3.99 = $19.95
– (10 x $0.75) = $12.45 ($1.25 each)

4 x V8 Splash on BOGO sale @ 2 for $3.39 = $6.78 ($1.70 each)

2 x French’s mustard on BOGO sale @ 2 for $1.98
– (2 x $0.55) = $0.88 ($0.44 each)

4 x Kraft BBQ sauce on BOGO sale @ 2 for $1.65 = $3.30
– (2 x $1 MF) = $1.30 ($0.35 each)

4 x Sun Drop soda on BOGO sale @ 2 for $1.79
– (2 x BOGO coupons) = FREE

Publix sandwich buns $1.99

– $1 Publix coupon

Total spent @ Publix $24.29

Total Saved @ Publix  $57.15


Check out the Aldi spot for a Price Comparison List between Aldi, Target, Publix and Walmart.

You can also find lots of great printable coupons at my coupon database My Best Printable Coupons



The Top Frugalista Of The Week Is


Just Call Me Cheap is written by Erica, a stay-at-home mom of two, who
is always looking for a great deal. Erica is a fabulous shopper, just look at her Shaw’s shopping trip. I’m amazed at how much food, and what a variety she managed to get for $8.
Make sure to stop by  


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