Feb 232011
This week I am posting a thank you! 
I just received a quick email from one of my childhood friends in New Zealand. She escaped the second Christchurch, NZ earthquake in five months unharmed, and so did her significant other. I am very thankful for the news!
My friend is a world traveller, and she is dreaming of sailing around the world in her boat. Her boat is her refuge at the moment, as there is no power or gas in her home. I am sure she is doing just fine on the boat though, as she is no stranger to living on a boat.

Today my kids and I went down memory lane, as we were looking at pictures from our first overnight sail trip with my friend. It was a windy summer day in Denmark, it was a small sail boat, and my boys were only six months and three years old. 
We might have been crazy for taking them sailing, and the baby could hardly move with the safety vest on, but it was quite a memorable experience, and it is one of the last times we spent together. My oldest son, who is now 8, has many fond memories from his sail trip including peeing in a bucket, steering the boat and being rocked to sleep at night by the waves.

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