Mar 112011

A few weeks ago my family of five was able to go bowling for about $8! The kids had wanted to go bowling for a long time, but the financial aspect of bowling overwhelmed me. I had tried calling around, and it turned out that it would end up being about $30 for us to go bowling when you calculated both the price of the game itself and the price of shoes. I am always looking for some frugal family fun, so when I discovered the $20 off a group of 4 AMF bowling coupon  (which was us, when we subtracted the baby), I knew that I had to get in on the deal, and even though I doubted that we would end up going, I printed it out.

I called ahead to make a reservation, and my husband and I kept it a secret for the kids. When we pulled up to the bowling alley, the kids were curious, and then my eight-year-old realized it was a bowling alley, and before I knew it there were lots of screams in the car.

My eight-year-old son had been bowling once in Europe with friends of the family, but we have never been bowling together, so this was a very exciting event for all of us. My husband won….of course, I came in 2nd, but only barely as my eight-year-old son and I were neck to neck. In fact, my eight-year-old son was the only one to get a strike……and it sure made his night. It was a frugal family fun night for everyone, and it will not be the last time we will go bowling together (as long as we have a coupon).

I have already printed out my coupon (It expires 3/18), and I am hoping to repeat the success of a fun night for all. The prices may vary, so call your local your local AMF bowling alley to inquire about prices.

*While the above coupon has expired, you can find all the latest info about current AMF bowling coupons here, or by clicking on the banner above.

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