Mar 272011

I am back from a fantastic weekend in the Florida Keys with my family of five. We had a great time, and it was great to get away from work and just relax as a family. With a stressful everyday life here on the mainland, it is great to know that the relaxing atmosphere of the Florida Keys is only a drive away.

On Friday night I took a quick 15 minute work break, and so did my husband to return calls, but other than that we did pretty well. In fact except for that first evening, we did not even have an Internet connection.

If there is one thing I have realized as a mom blogger, it is that taking a blog time-out is difficult – but important – as the views and the earnings only come if there are regular postings. Since I had no Internet connection, I relied heavily on the scheduled postings function in blogger, and I am excited to see that it came through. I posted blog posts just before we left on vacation, and then I had three scheduled postings here on Frugality Is Free, all of which came through.

Now, another great feature that I love for taking time off is automated postings to Twitter of my blog posts. Not long after the scheduled postings posted on my blog, did twitterfeed post a short tweet about them on twitter and facebook. Love it!

So here I am Sunday evening, and my blog numbers have only been slightly affected by my vacation. Dinner is in the oven, the kids are showered, and I can try to catch up just a little bit before dinner time.

If you are going on vacation and have a set blog schedule with blog hops etc., I highly recommend both the scheduled post feature in Blogger (just click on post options under the post writing area..see above), and twitterfeed.

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