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When I first started my online earnings journey more than four years ago, one of my first favorite online earnings places was Today is my 4 year anniversary at, and while things have changed a lot since I first became a member, it is still one of my favorite online earning sites. is a writing community, where members are paid for their participation. At gather you earn gather points for almost everything you do, but it all comes down to views. You can submit posts of all kinds, short, long, poems, photo essays, share your videos, and your photos, and in return you will be rewarded with gather points.

The gather point algorithm is secret, but it all comes down to views. The more views your material is getting the more points you earn, and the more you view other gather members material the more points you earn.

My recent Gather Sponsored Home Depot shopping spree.

Point Redemption:

You can redeem your points for paypal payments or gift cards including Home Depot, Amazon, Target, CVS, Borders and much much more.

Every year I make sure to redeem for a $25 Home Depot gift card to use for my garden, and I just went shopping for my Gather gift card a few weeks ago.

I also get Target gift cards to be used for birthdays and Christmases, and paypal payments are great for building up my vacation savings.

625 Gather Points: $10 Gift Cards
1565 Gather Poitns: $25 Gift Cards
3125 Gather Points: $50 Gift Cards

It was through the encouragement from my gather friend Gwen (Chew and Digest Books) that I first started my own blog, and it was with the help from Gwen and my gather friend Heather (My Frugal Family) that I initially managed to start up my blog, and together with my gather friends Cheryl at Simply CVS, Sue (I Need Mom), Bridget (Being Frugal and Making It Work), Sophie (Unus Sed Leona) I now have a great blogging network, whom I know I can always turn to for any blogging help. used to be a very close knit community, but over the years it has expanded to include millions of members, and many long-time gather members have found other places to write including their own blogs. Most of us still return once in a while to post at and to read posts from long-time gather friends.

The points are not what they have been in the past, but I still enjoy the benefits of being a gather member.

  • On spring break I took my kids to see Mars Needs Moms thanks to a Fandango gift card I won at last August.
  • On Spring break I also went on a Home Depot Shopping Spree thanks to my Home Depot Gift Card from Gather.
  • Last week I reviewed Pinesol Lavender for Gather
  • Other great Gather wins and events during my four-year membership.
  • Two years ago I won some fantastic tickets (awesome seats) to a Celine Dion concert in Miami
  • My kids have won several toys and books at, and over the years I have reviewed some awesome products through Gather as well.

My gather earnings used to fund family vacations,birthdays and Christmas, but blogging has since taken it’s place. I still earn enough at to get lots of gift cards every year, which are used for family fun, special wants and gifts.

Team Gather makes constantly evolve, and while the changes are not always welcome, I believe that they always have the best interest of the Gather community at heart.

There are no referral rewards at, but I would like to invite all of my blogging friends to check out If you like to share your writing or photography, and if you like to be rewarded for doing so, might just be the place for you.

If you do decide to give a try, I would love it, if you send me a friend request. You can find my gather profile here.

This post is part of the Earn Money Online: The Online Money Making Series at Frugality Is Free.

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