Mar 232011

First it was the car, and then it was the oven that stopped working. I have managed without an oven for a few days, but fortunately the weather in South Florida is fantastic these days, and we have been using the bbq grill. After picking up my son from school today, I stopped by a local Cuban bakery, as I was hoping they had some sort of rolls that we could use for the hamburgers. They did not have any rolls, but they did have a great looking Cuban bread, and my oldest son got himself a sweet Cuban treat for after his homework.

For dinner we therefore ended up having some great grilled sandwiches on Cuban bread. Tomorrow is grocery day, so I used up the leftovers from the produce drawer, and then of course as the perfect compliment, we had cherry tomatoes from our frugal garden.

Of course, everything from the meat to the veggie burger had been bought on sale with coupons, so it truly was some frugal cooking.

What do you think?

The vegetarian sandwich 

The meatlovers sandwich

My smart husband figured out how to fix the oven by installing a new computer in it – all by himself, so I am both proud and excited about my working oven.

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