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It is spring break in South Florida, which means many parents are looking for frugal or free family activities. I think it is important that parents look back on their own childhood, when planning family vacations or family activities. What do you remember the most about your childhood, about the family vacations and family time? Do you remember the expensive hotel room, a video game, or do you remember the fishing trip with your dad, gardening with your mom, or a family beach trip?

As parents we can raise frugal children without depriving them of experience. Frugality is a way of thinking, and any child can be raised to be frugal. If you give them the expensive video games, a high-cost trip to the local amusement park etc., every time school is out, then the kids may very well come to expect it, and yes they will likely be disappointed, if you tell them that you are taking a staycation this year.

However, chances are that your child might enjoy a trip to the beach, or playing with mom and dad in the park, or having a picnic. Chances are that this might just be the experience they will remember ten years from now.

So get creative, think back to your own childhood, and start looking for frugal and free activities in your local area.

Frugal and Free Family Activities:

A fishing trip to the local lake or fishing pier

A picnic in the park, bring your baseball bats, balls, Frisbee and more for a fun day.

A trip to a playground your family rarely visits, or go playground hopping.

A trip to the beach

Visit relatives or friends on a farm

Check out the event calendar at your local city government website, there might be free activities in your local area that you were not aware of. 

Go camping at a local state park, or alternatively in your backyard.

Invite your kids’ friends and their parents over for a barbecue.

Start a family garden, make it a frugal garden, and keep everyone involved. Let each child have their own little space that they are responsible for.

If the weather is less than spring break friendly:

Bake with the kids (Bake goodies to bring on a picnic when the weather gets better)

Have a game night (Wii or boardgames)

Have a frugal movie night. 

Combine a frugal movie night with a frugal pizza night.

The Movies:
Take the family to a matinee or a drive-in-movie. Local movie theaters often offer special matinee discounts, and if you have a drive-in-movie theather nearby, you might be in for a fun family experience. In South Florida we have the Swap Shop drive-in movies in Fort Lauderdale

Target Free Days: Target sponsors free events, reduced-price performances, and free museum entrances at certain days of the month. Check out the Target Free Days for free events near you. In South Florida

In Miami Target offers free admission to the Miami Children’s Museum every third Friday of the Month – Friday March 18th from 3 – 9 p.m.. Visit the Miami Children’s Museum website for more information.

Bowling: Bowling can be expensive, but many bowling places offers discounts and coupons. I am taking my family bowling this week for about $8. Check out this great $20 AMF Bowling Coupon, maybe you can use it too.

You can see a list of Frugal and Free Things To Do in South Florida at Florida Free & Frugal.

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