Mar 142011
Sears Shopping Spree $0.42 (7 tops, 1 toddler set and 1 mattress protector)
Today I took my boys to the mall, and I really did not expect to buy much. I have had gift cards burning up in my wallet for a while now, because I never found anything I really liked at a price I was willing to pay.
However, at Sears I found a lot of clearance at the women’s department, and everything was an extra 30 percent off – and then there was a great $10 off $50 Sears coupon. to make it an even better deal.

The kids department did not have anything I liked, and I only picked up one shorts/t shirt set for my youngest son, because he only has shirts that needs to be ironed. In the fall I went through my kids clothing and put everything aside that looked just a little bit worn, and all of it was sold at a yard sale. Since most size 2T shirts had been through two boys already, they looked worn and went in the pile. This means that I am actually low on something for my youngest son, but it will only be a for a short period of time. He is very tall for his age (19 months), and I think he will be in size 3 by the summer. My five-year-old son just stopped wearing size 3, so we will be good by then.
I also did pick up a mattress protector at full price, because we needed it, but after that I decided to go see if I could find a shirt or two for me….and I did. For the first time in a very long time I went on a shopping spree for myself at a regular store. I recently bought three pair of shorts at the thrift store, but I realized that I had gone into a tank top, shorts and hat mode, since I am on the road walking mile after mile picking up and dropping off kids every day.
I will admit it, it felt great to be shopping for myself, but only because I had a gift card in my pocket. My husband recently asked, if I would go shopping for myself if he gave me $100 or more to spend just on me. My answer….NO! I knew I could not do it, Not unless I had a great sale and some great coupons…and it was for New York and Company. Still, it just would not feel right to spend so much money on myself.
But, but, but I now had a gift card, which I had earned from writing right here at Frugality Is Free, and I decided to go for it. There was a Sears $10 off $50 coupon, so I could stretch my gift card just a little further.

For my $50 Sears gift card I got:
  • A mattress protector $14.99
  • A toddler shorts/t shirt set on sale at 50 percent off at $7.98 (Saved $7.98)
  • Teal Apostrophe top reg. price $30 on clearance at $5.59 (Saved $24.41)
  • Black/turquoise Covington tunika reg. price $44 on clearance at $8.39 (Saved $35.61)
  • Gray Covington top reg. price $36 on clearance at $6.99 (29.01)
  • Green patterned Covington top reg. price $36 on clearance at $6.99 (Saved $29.01)
  • Gray Covington tank top came with above top….FREE
  • Black/purple Apostrophe top reg. price $30 on clearance at $4.89 (Saved $25.11)
  • Turquoise Canyon River Blues tank top reg. price $4.98 on clearance at $1.74 (Saved $3.24)
Subtotal $57.56
– $10 coupon for buying $50+ Get your $10 off $50 Sears Coupon in your weekly ad. (Valid March 13 – 19)
Tax $2.86
Total $50.42
– Gift card $50
$0.42 out of pocket

I saved  $204.37
This means that I more than tripled the $50 Sears gift card, which I had earned by writing here at Frugality Is Free.
I have to say though that my kids were amazing. It only took a few reminders that Mommy always shops for them, and that I now needed a little time to shop for myself. My boys were fantastic, we walked the little one to sleep, and my oldest sons (5 and 8) had many “helpful” suggestions. While my kids were great, I did not even consider trying anything on until I got home….it can be a nightmare to try on clothes to begin with.
When I tried out hats at JCPenney (did not find any I loved), my five-year-old son melted a few hearts. I was trying on a hat and looking in the mirror, when he exclaimed. “You look so cute Mommy!”
Oh my did I see smiles around me…. I leaned over gave him a kiss, and said: “Thank you, you are so sweet, and one day you will make one girl very very happy.” This little guy has a heart of gold, and he is never shy of giving compliments.
After my fabulous sears shopping spree, I rewarded the boys with ice cream. I steered clear of the expensive mall ice cream though, and instead we walked to a nearby shopping plaza, where they each got their own ice cream cup at Dairy Queen.

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