Mar 182011
This morning I posted about the fabulous $10 Kohl’s Coupons I found in my inbox. It turned out that I had received one in two email accounts, and my husband had gotten one too, so I knew I had to make it by Kohl’s. The coupon says one per person, but I used the shopping trip as an opportunity to teach my boys how to shop. I always try to let my eight-year-old son handle the money, when we shop for him, as I want to teach him responsibility and some money-saving knowledge. Today I let my five-year-old handle his own money and coupon as well, and he was beaming of pride. 
I have had my eyes on a pair of new sandals for my toddler, as the ones he are currently wearing has gone through both of his brothers already. When I saw the coupons, I knew I had to get the sandals for him, if they were on sale, and sure enough they were. For my oldest boys we looked at the displays, I let each of them choose a $7 T shirt, as there were lots on sale, and then I found we found an item on the clearance racks that they both liked. This way they both got to choose between a lot of different shirts, but they also learned that by buying a shirt that was on sale, they could actually get two items each.
Spent $3.38 – Saved $85.80
 See how we did it below:

My Kohl’s Coupon shopping:
Boys Jumping Beans Sandals reg. $24.99 on sale at $11.99 
Subtotal $11.99
Tax $0.12
– $10 Kohl’s Coupon
Total out of pocket $2.11
Total Saved $23

My 5-year-old son’s Kohl’s coupon shopping:
Shark T Shirt reg. $14 on sale at $7
Tony Hawk Shirt reg. $16 on clearance at $4
Sub Total $11
Tax $0.06
– 10 Kohl’s Coupon

Total out of pocket $1.06
Total saved $33

My 8-year-old son’s Kohl’s coupon shopping:
Boys T Shirt reg $14 on sale at $7
Boys T Shirt on clearance at $3.20
Subtotal $10.20
Tax $0.01
Total out of pocket  $0.21
Total Saved $29.80

We spent a total of $3.38
We saved a total of $85.80

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