Mar 042011
MEGA Bloks Domino Build Game
Mega Bloks Domino Build Game
My two oldest boys and I have been having a great time playing the new Mega Bloks Domino Build Game, but I must admit that I have yet to win.
My middle son just turned 5 years old this week, and in the past he has been having a difficult time focusing on the games we have been playing. The Mega Bloks Domino Build Game has been the first game that my son has seemed to really connect with, and he is very excited to finally be winning a board game. 
MEGA Bloks Domino Build Game
The Mega Bloks Domino Build Game combines matching colors and animal cards with one of the boys favorite toys, their Mega Bloks. It also gives children an instant reward, because when they win, they are able to collect enough Mega Bloks to create an animal image out of their Mega Bloks.

MEGA Bloks Domino Build Game
When playing the mega Bloks Domino Build Game, you simply need to match your cards to those on the table. Every time you are able to add one of your own cards to the Domino puzzle, you will win a Mega Blok, and the person who wins is the one who finishes his Mega Bloks animal image first by collecting enough Mega Bloks.
My five-year-old son won and finished his Mega Blok lion.
The Mega Bloks Dominos Build Games is one of those games that children can play by themselves without the help of grown ups. My sons picked up on this game very quickly, and their only complaint is that the game ends too fast.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary sample of the Mega Bloks Domino Build Game from Team Mom and Mega Bloks for the purpose of this review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, and my opinions are based solely on my experience with the Mega Bloks Domino Build Game and the Mega Bloks brand.

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  1. Very colorful with nice large pieces. I am always looking for new fun games and activities to play with my grand children!

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