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A couple of days ago I had the chance to hold a Nutella Mommy Brunch for my five-year-old son’s friends and their moms, as I had received a MommyParties Kit sponsored by Nutella . I had invited everyone for a playground brunch/pre-birthday party before the kids had to go to school, and it turned out to be a great idea, because the weather in South Florida was fabulous. 
The playground by my son’s school has a great cover, which makes it one of my favorite playgrounds, since the moms can sit and chat while the kids play. The playground is also fenced in, and the playground equipment is perfect for our little ones, and a worry-free time at the playground is always great. Even the two toddlers we had tagging along the big kids had a blast, and the Nutella party on the playground was a hit with everyone. 

Nutella has been very popular in Europe for years, and my older brother loves his pandekager (Danish crepes/pancakes) with Nutella and Bananas. I personally love eating homemade rye bread or toasted whole-wheat bagels with Nutella, and there are many many ways to enjoy Nutella. My guests at the Nutella Mommy Brunch actually had many ideas themselves, and I was amazed to see how everyone had their own Nutella family traditions.
For the Nutella Brunch, we had bagels with Nutella, and one of the moms even brought delicious strawberries.

There are many reasons why moms like Nutella, and this is our list:
  • Nutella does not contain peanuts or peanut ingredients.
  • Nutella has no artificial colors
  • Nutella has no artificial preservatives
  • Nutella tastes like chocolate although it is a hazelnut spread.
  • Even though it was hot outside, the Nutella at the party did not suffer. It was still perfect to spread, and it was great to enjoy chocolate outdoors.
  • Nutella is a perfect way to get the kids to eat something they do not usually want to eat.
  • Every 13 oz jar of Nutella has more than 50 hazelnuts in it.

Nutella had sent me a big box of goodies for the moms, and it turned out that I was not the only Nutella fan in the mom group. The Nutella spread samples and the Nutella coupons, where especially popular. You can get your own Nutella coupons here (right-hand side bottom of page).
The Nutella goodie bags from Nutella and MommyParties included:

  • Nutella Recipe Cards
  • Nutella spreaders
  • Nutella Tumbler mugs
  • Nutella Coupons
  • Nutella Samples
The recipe cards in the Nutella goodie bags included recipes for:
  • A wholegrain honey oat English Muffin with Nutella and fresh strawberries
  • Whole grain waffles with Nutella, fresh fruit and coconut
  • Whole wheat tortilla roll up with Nutella dried cherries and dried apricot.

Since it was my son’s birthday he had made goodie bags for his friends as too. We had balloons, balls and cars for the kids to play with, but there was not birthday cake, as the real birthday celebration did not take place until they all the kids went to school together.


Now, it seems as if every single mom at the Nutella Mommy Brunch, realized that Nutella is good in limited amounts, and the best thing to combine with Nutella is whole grain breads.

About Nutella
Nutella is a hazelnuts spread, which was originally created in the 1940s by Mr. Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker and founder of the Ferrero company. The original Nutella was called Pasta gianduja, and it came in loaves that could be cut and placed on bread. It was later changed into a creamy hazelnut spread, and in 1964 the product was renamed Nutella.

Nutella was introduced in Northeastern USA in 1983, and while the popularity has steadily grown over the past decades. Nutella is now available across the US, and this hazelnut spread with a hint of cocoa surely seems to be catching on.

Don’t forget to get your own Nutella coupons here (right-hand side bottom of page).

Disclaimer: I received a Nutella MommyParties kit from Nutella and MommyParties™ an extension of MomSelect/BSM Media for the purpose of hosting a Nutella Mommy Party and writing a blog post about it.

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