Mar 312011

This week I really needed to pick up the Smart Balance milk on sale at 2 for $5, and I bought 6, which is as much as could fit into my fridge. I am probably going to go back on Sunday to pick up more, as $1.50 for 64 oz of lactose free milk is a price that is hard to beat, and in my family four out of five are lactose intolerant. I could not resist stocking up on ketchup though, as there is a mail-in-rebate to go with it, making it very very cheap ketchup.

My Publix Grocery Savings
Huggies Boxed diapers 82 ct $19.99 
– ($3 Publix Huggies Coupon + $3 Winn Dixie Huggies Coupon + $3 MF Huggies Coupon) = $10.99
6 x Smart Balance Lactose Free Milk on sale @ 2 for $5 = 15 
– (6 x $1 MF SS 3/37 and $1 Publix Coupon Baby Club) = $8 ($1.33 each)
18 x Hunts Ketchup on BOGO sale @ 2 for $1.75 = $15.75 (Eligible for $10 mail-in-rebate)
Exedrin Tablets $3.99 – FREE Coupon = FREE
Exedrin Tablets $3.99 – FREE Coupon = FREE 
Lettuce $1.49 – ($1 Publix Coupon from the Baby Club) = $0.49
2 x Cucumbers $1.49 ($0.75 each)
– $3 off $30 Publix Coupon

Total out of pocket $32.92
Total saved $52.87
(I am going to submit my receipt for a $10 mail-in-rebate)

If you are wondering what we are actually going to eat at my house, check out my great Aldi shopping trip.

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