Mar 242011
I went to two different Target stores this week, and I found a couple of great clearance deals. Yesterday I posted about some of the Circo Clearance finds I found, and today I confirmed that they had the same Circo deals at the second Target store. I have been looking for a new hat for more than two months now, and yesterday I finally found one that I liked, and that I liked on me.
My Target Clearance Shopping:

Merona Women’s Hat was $12. 99 – 20 percent off coupon = $10.39
Circo Toddler Pants was $7 on clearance at $1.75 – $1 Circo coupon = $0.75
Young Men’s Champion T Shirt was $9.99 on clearance at $2.48 – $3 Target Coupon Catalina = FREE
Circo Toddler socks on sale for $1 – $1 Circo Coupon = FREE
– $0.10 For using reusable bags
Tax $0.66
Total out of pocket $11.75
Total Saved $19.84
I would love to hear how you did on your savings this week.

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