Mar 092011

I managed to get a quick Target shopping trip done this afternoon, as my oldest son needed a gift for a birthday party this upcoming weekend. I am not going to post the gift, as it comes from a different budget, but I did manage to grab a couple of groceries while we were there.

2 x Sour Patch Gummies on sale @ $1.69 each = $3.38 – (2 x $0.50 Target Coupons) = $2.38 ($1.19 each)

2 x Market Pantry Orange Juice @ $2.29 each = $4.58 – $1 Target Coupons = $3.58 ($1.79 each)

2 x Market Pantry Salsas on sale @ $1.89 each =$3.78 – $1 = $2.78 ($1.39 each)

Total out of pocket $8.86
Total saved $3.79

Did you find any great Target deals this week?

I would love to hear how you did on your savings – you can link up below.

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