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With three young magicians in the house, I am exposed to weekly magic shows and special magic tricks all year round. Last year my oldest son received a fabulous magic kit for his eight birthday, and it came complete with a magic tricks handbook, dvd, magic tools and a special magic table doubling as a magic box.
My son had been trying to make up his own magic tricks for months, so when he unwrapped his magical birthday gift he was ecstatic. We created a magician’s hat out of black cardboard paper, I made a very simple black cape to go with his new advanced tools, and in a matter of minutes he was able to master some very simple and easy magic tricks for kids.

The Top Five Easy Magic Tricks For Kids
1. The Cups and Balls Magic Trick: It does not get any simpler than the cups and balls trick, yet entire dvds have been created around the cups and balls magic trick. My oldest son has learned to master the basics, and the cups and balls magic trick is a hit with any audience at any party.

2. The Big Vanish Box: The is definitely my oldest son’s favorite magic trick, especially because the more he practices the better he gets at making big objects disappear without his audience realizing the trick behind the trick. The set up of the box was a bit difficult at first, but after trying setting up the big vanish box a few times, even I figured out how to do it fast, effective and so that my audience is kept clueless.
3. The Linking Rings: The first 50 times that my son tried to use the linking rings, the trick was obvious, but after a lot of practicing my oldest son is finally mastering the linking rings. The magic behind the linking rings is all about the way that the linking rings are dropped, as well as about the way the magician is holding them. Once your little magician has mastered these two steps, he or she will amuse anyone in his or her path.

4. The Small Vanishing Box, also known as the professional rattle box to experienced magicians. Even my toddler loves the small vanishing box, and while it took us a while to figure out, how it worked, it is an extremely simple concept. My boys love to make small objects disappear, and then make them mysteriously reappear in front of their audience. My two youngest sons have yet to figure out, how their older brother can make a coin or a dice disappear, even though they can hear the noise from it, whenever they shake the vanishing box.
5. Magic Card Tricks: Mastering the magic card tricks was a bit more difficult than the above mentioned magic tricks, and my son had to read the magic card tricks instructions carefully in order to fully understand how to use his new magic cards. Still, as my son became more comfortable with his magic card set, he also became more fluent with his magic card tricks skills. My son has a lot to learn, when it comes to the area of magic card tricks, but he is having a lot of fun learning.
While it is possible to create a simple magic show by using items you already own, all young magicians dream of owning their own magic sets with a real magic stick and real magic tools. As a frugal mom I tried my best to use my means of frugality to impress my young magician. We took out books from the library, watched dvds of great magicians, and attempted to create our own magical tools. However, most of the magic tricks that my oldest son was attracted to could not be done with my frugal home-made creations, so I used the rule of frugality of knowing when to splurge. With the Internet right in front of me, finding the right magic tools for my special magician was easier than I had imagined. I quickly discovered that it is easy to find a great magic shop in seconds just by the click of a mouse.

About Magic Whiz
Magic Whiz is an online magic shop, where you can find lots of great magic tools, supplies, instructional materials and lots of information about magic tricks. You can find everything from books and dvds about magic tricks to magic sets and magic accessories divided up by difficulty level, and there is something for magicians of all ages and skill levels.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, and it is part of a Business 2 Blogger campaign. However, any opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own, and they have not been influenced in any way.

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