Apr 022011

Today I made a rare second shopping trip to Publix during this week’s sales cycle, as I had discovered a great mail-in-rebate during my Thursday shopping trip. I originally posted about this Huggies Coupon deal at My Best Printable Coupons, but as I was taking a closer look at my coupons, I found a way to make the deal even sweeter. Since I was stacking so many coupons, the cashier had to check with the manager, but they approved the coupons and the deal with no problems, and I was able to get a fantastic deal.

The Publix coupon policy is different from store to store, so if you are not familiar with your local Publix’s competitor coupon policy make sure to check with customer service or a manager before you start shopping.

The Kimberly-Clark Mail-in-rebate: Purchase at least $35 worth of participating brands in one Publix shopping trip between March 28 and April 30, 2011.

This is the Publix Huggies deal:

A box of diapers is $19.99 at Publix (Size 4 has 82 diapers)
Buy 2 boxes @ $19.99 = 39.98
Buy 2 boxes of Huggies Wipes @ $2.99 each = $5.98
Total before coupons $45.96

Use 2 x $ Free Huggies Wipes When You Buy Boxed Huggies Diapers (From the KC coupon booklet w/ the mail-in-rebate)
Use 2 x $3.50 MF Huggies Coupons
Use 2 x $3 Publix coupons from this week’s flyer
Use 2 x $2.50 Target Huggies Coupons from Target.com

Total out of pocket after coupons $21.98 + tax (+ $10 Publix Gift Card Back w/MIR)  

Since I was at Publix, I also wanted to pick up some more of the Smart Balance milk (I had been able to make a little room in the fridge), and we are almost out of toilet paper, so I threw that in to get my total amount over $35.

My Publix Grocery Shopping Trip:
2 boxes of Huggies Diapers and 2 Huggies Wipes – 
(See above for coupon details) = $21.98
4 x Smart Balance Lactose Free milk on sale @ 2 for $5 – 
(4 x $1 MF coupons) = $6 ($1.50 each)
Charmin 24 ct toiletpaper on sale at $12.99 –
($1 Target Coupon and $1 Publix coupon) = $10.99
Nabisco Animal Crackers $1.39 – 
(Free Publix Coupon from baby club) = Free
– $3 of $30 Publix coupon from Recyclebank
Subtotal $35.97
Taxes $3.18

Total after tax $39.15
Total saved $42.13
($10 Publix Gift Card back from Mail-in-rebate)

With the above diaper purchase I have actually bought a total of 277 diapers during the past week, so I hope they will last me a long while.

This is my second mail-in-rebate offer this week, as I got the Hunts Ketchup on my Thursday trip. I was hoping that Target had stocked up on the Raisin Bran, so that I could get in on the Kellogg’s mail-in rebate as well, but they were still out. I got a rain check instead, so now I have rain checks for 10 boxes, which will fit with the mail-in rebates. It was probably a good thing that they did not have any cereal though, as the stroller was filled to the max, when the kids and I were walking home after our Publix trip.

We did not intend on walking home, but I had forgotten to pay my cell phone bill…oops, so my cell phone had no service, and we had to walk home, as I could not call my husband to pick us up. We made a quick stop by the neighborhood playground, which made my kids happy.

While we were there I had a Mommy action moment, as a 1-year-old little boy managed to squeeze under a gate into an alley and started walking away from the playground. The mom saw it, but she could not get over the fence, as there was little room, and she was very pregnant. Another dad at the playground was about to run around the playground to get the boy, but it was going to be a while before he could get there. Without even thinking I quickly checked on my boys, who were all safe on the right side of the fence, and then I simply jumped the fence in no time, grabbed the boy and handed him over to a very relieved mom. I did not even know I was able to jump the fence, but sometimes those mommy powers just take over.

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