Apr 162011

I have a huge Disney Cars fan at my house, or should I say a Lightning McQueen fan. In fact, my five-year-old son requested a Lightning McQueen red cast for his broken arm today, and he sure is proud of his bright red cast. I was surprised to see Target toy clearance at two different Target stores this week, and my son politely pointed out the red Target Clearance stickers on the Disney Cars toys. I already have some Disney Cars toys stocked away for next Christmas from the After Christmas Target Toy Clearance sale, so I could pass on this week’s Disney Cars deals at Target, but I thought I would share in case any of you have some Lightning McQueen Fans at your house. 

 Disney Cars Speedway 9 Pack on clearance at Target for $14.98 (Was $29.99) 

 Chick Hicks Hauler and Leak Less Hauler on clearance at Target for $15.38 (Was $21.99)

Disney Cars Ninja Knockout on clearance at Target for $13.98 (Was $19.99)

Disney Cars racing 4 – Pack on clearance at Target for $10.48 (Was $14.99)

Disney Cars Storage Box Holds up to 50 Cars on clearance at Target for $9.08 (Was $12.99) 
The above were just some of the Target toy clearance deals. I also found a Fisher Price Activity Walker on clearance at Target for $13.98 (Was $19.99), a Thomas wooden train track on clearance at $35.34 (Was $50.49), Nerf, lots of Pixos and much much Disney Cars on clearance at Target.
Did you find any great Target toy clearance deals at Target lately?

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