Apr 152011
My middle son has an Easter party next week, and I signed up to bring juice for the party. This was my main mission at Target, but I was able to throw in some freebies to help pay for the taxes.
This is what I got 20 pk Capri Sun $3.99
Circo Socks $1 – $1 Circo Coupon (no longer available) = FREE
Circo Socks $1 – $1 Circo Coupon (no longer available) = FREE
Kashi Singles $1 – $1 Kashi coupon = FREE
4 x Skittles blenders at $0.69 each = $2.76 – (2 x $1 Target Skittles Coupon and 2 x $0.50 MF Skittles coupons) = FREE (0.24 overage)
$0.15 in Target Discounts for using reusable bags. 

Total out of pocket $3.91
Total saved $5.91


Did you get any Target freebies lately?

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