Apr 202011
I have two Target stores that I frequent, as they are next to other stores that I visit. It always amazes me how different these two Target stores are, and I have come to learn which coupons to use where. The Target store closest to us, blank out refuses A LOT of coupons, just because their scanner beeps. I have to keep careful track of the coupons and the computer, because sometimes they will not even let you know, when the computer does not take the coupon….which means I end up paying full price for the product instead of asking them to void the product…which means a trip to customer service, when I go over the receipt. The other Target store is coupon friendly, their clearance selection is better, and they often have something at 50 percent off, when the other store only has it at 30 percent off. 
Today I visited my favorite Target store, and I had saved my Aveeno coupon stack, as the other Target store gave me a hassle because of it. Since Target does not allow duplicate Target coupons in one transaction, I ended up splitting the transaction into two. 

I was hoping to find some gum on clearance for my husband, but they only had the Mystery Stride, and my husband prefers spearmint. I therefore only bought two packages, which I can share with the kids. When I saw the lady in front of me grab a package of the Stride, I offered her a coupon, which meant that she got 2 packages for less what she was going to pay for the one package.  The lady was extremely thankful, and she even offered me the extra package of gum, which I politely declined. I was just happy that the coupon was going to be used. The cashier looked very excited about the deal, so once I was done paying I found the extra Stride coupons and gave them to her – once again coupons brought happiness at the store. 

1st Transaction: 
2 packs of Stride Gum on clearance @ $0.68 each = $1.36 – $1 MF Stride Coupon (4/3 SS) = $0.36 ($0.18 each)
2 packs of Market Pantry eggs on sale @ $1.19 = $2.38 ($1.19 each)
3 packs of Market Pantry bagels on special @ $0.99 each = $2.97 – ($1 MP Target Coupon) = $1.97 ($0.66 each
Revlon nail clipper $2.24 – $2 Target Coupon (1/17 SS) and $2 MF Revlon Coupon (Was at Target.com, no longer there) = Free ($1.74 overage)
– $0.10 in reusable bag credit
Subtotal $2.85
Tax $0.09
Total out of pocket $2.94
Total saved $8.24

2nd Transaction:

Revlon nail clipper $2.24 – $2 Target Coupon (1/17 SS) and $2 MF Revlon Coupon (Was at Target.com, no longer there) = Free ($1.74 overage)
Aveeno lotion $2.99 – ($1 Target Aveeno Coupon and $2 MF Aveeno Coupon from Recyclebank) = Free ($0.01 Overage)
4 PK Target Brand Scrubbers (aka Mr. Clean) $2.69
– $0.05 Reusable bag credit
Tax $0.17
Total Out of Pocket $1.06
Total saved $7.03

Total spent at Target $4
Total saved at Target$15.27
Thank you to Totally Target for tipping me off about the Stride Gum deal. 


Did you get any great deals at Target lately?

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