Apr 082011
I made two trips to Target this week, once on Monday as there was a Super Target attached to the mall I visited with the kids, and then again this morning. I did a lot of price comparison for my grocery price comparison list at the Super Target, but the prices were very high compared to the usual Target prices at my local Target store. Today I went to my local Target store, to compare to their prices, and sure enough there were a lot of price differences such as Target 64 oz Orange Juice at Super Target $2.64  at my locaTargetl it has been and still is $2.29.

This is what I picked up on my Target shopping trips:
1st Target Shopping Trip:
10 x Raisin Bran cereal @ $1.99 each (Reg. $2.99) = $19.90
– 5 x $1 Kellogg’s Coupons 
Market Pantry Sugar $2.40

Total out of pocket $17.44
Total Saved $15.14
Submitting for $10 Kellogg’s mail-in-rebate
 2nd Target Shopping Trip
5 x Snickers Easter Eggs @ $0.99 = $4.95 – 3 x $2 MF Candy Coupons = FREE
3 x M&Ms Easter Eggs @ $0.99 = $2.97 – 1 x $2 MF Candy Coupons = FREE
MP Ice Cream on sale @ $2.79 – $1 Target Coupon = $1.79
Circo toddler tank top @ $3.50 – $1 Circo Coupon = $2.50
Aveeno lotions @ $2.99 – $2 MF Aveeno Coupon (Recyclebank) and $1 Target Aveeno Coupon = FREE
– 0.05 Target Coupon for using reusable bag.

Total out of pocket $4.31
Total Saved $13.25

Total For Target Shopping Trip

Total Target Spending $21.75
Total Target Savings $28.39

Submitting for $10 Kellogg’s mail-in-rebate

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