Apr 222011
Today my toddler hit the jackpot, when my frugal eye spotted something fabulous on the side of the street. True frugality comes, when you eat, sleep and live a frugal life, and that is what this frugal mom does.
We were driving home from my son’s Easter party, and as we turned into our neighborhood I noticed that all the garbage cans and recycling cans had been emptied. Then I saw something red hiding behind a recycle can, and something just clicked in my frugal mind. I only saw it in a split-second, and we had already passed it, when I turned to my husband, and said….
“I think I just saw a slide…., can we please just make a quick turn..”
My husband knows very well that I would not be able to let go of my brief sighting, so he continued round in the roundabout and we went by the spot a second time. Sure enough, just as I had thought, a great looking Little Tikes slide. Nothing was wrong with it, it just needed  a little TLC and some soap and water. 
When my toddler went in for his nap, my oldest son and I started cleaning, and it looked great. It is a perfect fit for my 20 month-old son. He loves it! I imagine it is going to be great for when we take the kiddie pool out as well….but my five-year-old needs his cast off first.

This is not the first time my frugal eye has spotted a great freebie on the side of the street, in fact all of my kids ride ons have been found this way, small chairs for the kids room, the sandbox, the swing and much much more. Some we have kept, some has been given away to friends, neighbors and relatives, some has been sold at a yard sale, and some has gotten a new life true Freecyle….the best part was that it was rescued and kept out of the landfills. 

It is amazing what you can find, if you just keep your frugal eyes open, and one man’s trash can easily become someone else’s gold.

I have been wishing for a slide like the one above for my little one. It retails for about $80 at Amazon.com

Did your frugal eye ever spot a free treasure at the side of the street?

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  1. We trash pick frequently…and sometimes we even resell our trash picks!!!

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