Apr 292011
I have been using Photobucket and html code to create blog buttons with text box (also called grab box), but during the recent Photobucket meltdown I felt as if my buttons had been kidnapped for a few days, and it did not look pretty.
So I began attempting to figure out, how I could make a blog button with textbox without using photobucket. It seemed like a difficult task, but it turned out to be extremely easy.
Simply Blogging University

I read a post at Simply Blogging University about how to create a blog button, and in the resources listed there is a blog button code generator.

When Amanda from Saving Me Silly, a great money saving blog asked how to make a blog button with text box, I was about to send her my complicated html/photobucket instructions. However, first I decided to go back to Simply Blogging University, and try to make a blog button with text box by using the blog button code generator. 
It turned out to be extremely easy.
First I found the Saving Me Silly blog image, which Amanda had uploaded to her facebook page.  If you already have your image, just right click on it and then click view image to get the image url.

If you do not have an image to use, you can easily create one by using your computer’s paint program, andy other photo editing program or free online photo editing programs such photobucket or picnik.com.

The standard blogbutton is 125 x 125, which is what most uses for advertising as well.

I added the image url code to the Grab My Button Code Generator, and I also added Saving Me Silly address and blog name.
Voila! There was the blog button with text box.
Saving Myself Silly

You can play around with the colors, the borders etc., and the text box will adjust to the size of your sidebar. 
Give it a try, I am still amazed at how easy this was.  I would love to hear what you think about this blog button with text box generator.
Thank you to Cheryl from Simply Blogging University for all of the great blogging tips.

Saving Myself SillyI also want to thank Amanda at Saving Me Silly for letting me use her blog as an example, you should go check it out, Amanda sure knows how to save.

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