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I am a big fan of mail-in-rebates, and over the years I have received a lot of money back from buying groceries through mail-in-rebates. When you use coupons to save on your groceries, you can make the mail-in-rebates become money makers, or you can get your groceries for very little money. Unless specified on the rebate form, the purchase price needed is the one before coupons, but if you are in doubt contact the specific mail-in-rebate program. If I do use coupons, I always make sure that my grocery bill is more than it is required to be by adding other products to the receipt.
When you submit for mail-in-rebates, there are three important steps you need to take.
1) Read the fine print 
2) Follow Instructions
3) Save a copy of the information you submit, so that you can always show proof if an issue arises.
This past week I have included three different mail-in-rebates in my grocery budget:
The First Mail-In-Rebate:

Get A Bundle of savings – Do A Bundle of Good Mail-In-Rebate Booklet at Publix: Buy $35 Kimberley Clark Products – Get A $10 Publix Gift Card Back

This is what I bought:
A box of diapers is $19.99 at Publix (Size 4 has 82 diapers)
Buy 2 boxes @ $19.99 = 39.98
Buy 2 boxes of Huggies Wipes @ $2.99 each = $5.98
Total before coupons $45.96
– 2 x $ Free Huggies Wipes When You Buy Boxed Huggies Diapers (From the KC coupon booklet w/ the mail-in-rebate)
– 2 x $3.50 MF Huggies Coupons
– 2 x $3 Publix coupons from last week’s flyer
– 2 x $2.50 Target Huggies Coupons from Target.com

Total out of pocket after coupons $21.98 + tax 

This means that after submitting the mail-in-rebate and the $0.44 shipping cost, I will have paid $12.42 for 164 Huggies diapers and 2 boxes of wipes.

The Second Mail-In-Rebate:

The Slam Dunk Publix Mail-In-Rebate: Buy $30 or More of Publix groceries in one visit, including $15 of participating ConAgra products.
I included this in my regular grocery shopping trip, but for the $15 ConAgra requirement I bought:
18 x Hunts ketchup on BOGO sale @ $1.75 each = $15.75

This means that after submitting the mail-in-rebate and the $0.44 shipping cost, I will have paid $6.19 for 18 bottles of Hunts ketchup ($0.34 each).
See my full Hunts Ketchup shopping trip here.

The Third Mail-In-Rebate:

The Kellogg’s Gas Rewards Card Mail-In-Rebate. I cannot post the details about the rebate here, but you can find the Kellogg’s Mail-In-Rebate here.

Target had the 20 oz Raisin Bran on sale at $1.99 last week, but they were completely out. I could only get a rain check for 5, so I went in twice to get two rainchecks. On Monday I went to a different Super Target and bought:
10 x Raisin Bran cereal @ $1.99 each (Reg. $2.99) = $19.90
– 5 x $1 Kellogg’s Coupons 
Total out of pocket $14.90

This means that after submitting the $10 mail-in-rebate and the $0.44 shipping cost, I will have paid $5.34 for 10 boxes of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran cereal ($0.53 each)

Mail-in-rebates are not the only way to make your groceries work for you after you bring them home. There are plenty of rewards and points program that you can use your groceries to get something back.
Kellogg’s Toy Story 3 Rewards Program
This week I also submitted 12 codes from Kelloggs’ cereal boxes from last year to the Kellogg’s Toy Story 3 Rewards Program.  For these codes I received 2 free movie tickets to our local movie theater.

Pampers Gifts To Grow:

This weekI redeemed some of my points for a Alex Boat Bath Tub toy set, which my toddler will get for his birthday. 
The newest Gifts To Grow Code:  
GTGREWARDS4MOMS  for 10 points
WELCOMEGTGPTS10 for 10 points
Find the latest Pampers Gifts To Grow codes here.

The newest Huggies Enjoy the Ride code: BKLCD-QSHXR-LTPGB

Redeem for coupons, free movie rentals, magazine subscriptions and more. 
Submit codes from your Stouffers meals to get coupons, free photo prints, movie tickets and more.

You can find a big list of mail-in-rebate forms at Mommy Saves Big.

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