Apr 292011
As a frugal mom I am all about saving and finding the best price on anything that I want to buy; however, as a mom of three I also value my time. I recently discovered Promotioncode.org, and I have been quite impressed with the way that this web site is able to save me time and money. 
Whenever I shop online, I always try to find the best coupons or coupon codes, but searching for online promotions codes can be quite time consuming.

Promotioncode.org is a great place to start, when you need to find a great deal, coupon or free shipping code for your favorite store, and I love the easy-to-use layout.  
With one click the site eliminates the hassle that comes with using a search engine to find the right coupon code, because at Promotioncode.org all the promo codes I need are right in one place. The site features promotion codes for more than 4000 retailers, and it makes finding the right coupon code a lot easier and more time efficient.

When I shop online, it is usually because I am looking to find a better deal than in a regular store. However, if the online store charges me for shipping, the savings is often eaten up. For this reason I am always looking for free shipping codes from my favorite online retailers, and one of the best things about PromotionCode.org is their free shipping codes page. At the Free Shipping Codes there are thousands of free shipping codes from mainstream retailers such as Target and Kohl’s to specialist stores such as Playkitchens.com, Sunglass Hut and Swimspot. codes page. 
Another feature I love about Promotioncodes.org is that you can have promotion codes sent to your email, once a new promotional code shows up. You can simply go to the Codes By Email page, select the companies you want promotion codes alerts from, and once any new promotion codes appears you will receive an email from Promotioncodes.org. 

Promotioncodes.org goes to great lengths to ensure that the codes listed are valid, and one way this is ensured is by having the users actively participate. Not only can users list new coupon codes, but it is also easy to let Promotioncodes.org know whether or not a coupon works. At every promotion code, you have the option of clicking “this code works” or “this code failed”, and you can even leave a comment. The promotioncode.org staff does their own spot checking, but if a code has not worked for more than three days and hits a certain percentage of failure, it is automatically removed from the site. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. While I was compensated for my time to write this post, all opinions are my own, and they are solely based on my experience with the website.

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