Apr 152011
Oh my, I almost did not go to Publix this week. I had some coupons that were expiring though, and I wanted to pick up both some cheap shredded cheese and some extremely cheap PAM Cooking Oil. My oldest son has a donation event going on at school, so I made sure to pick up extra to put in his donation bag together with some of the extremely cheap canned goods that I picked up at Publix a few weeks ago. 
The PAM was so cheap that one of my favorite cashiers could not believe it, he actually started doubting himself and said that he could only take 5 of the $1 Publix coupons on the BOGO items, because I was already getting one free. I took a deep breath and insisted, so he did eventually call someone over, who was hesitant as well. It took one quick talk with the store manager, who is very coupon knowledgeable, and yes I could use 2 coupon on a BOGO deal…..so I got my cheap PAM. 
I ended up only buying 6 Special K, but I had coupon for two extra, so I passed those on to an elderly lady. I also had four of the $1 off Bakery coupons from the Publix calender, which expired today. I decided not to use them, so instead I shared them with some customers already picking up bakery products.
When I got to the check out the lady in front of me turned around towards me and handed me a bunch of coupon passes that she weren’t going to use, so the customers at Publix were really feeling the giving coupon spirit today.
Saved $89.90 @ Publix

My Publix Savings
4 x 12 Pack Coca Cola products @$4 each + 1 FREE = $12 ($3 each)
6 x Kelloggs Special K Red Berries on BOGO sale at $4.09 = $12.27
– (3 x $1 Target Kelloggs Coupon and 3 x $1 MF Kelloggs Coupon) = $6.27 ($1.05 each)
10 x PAM Cooking Spray on BOGO sale @ 2 for $3.29 = $16.46 
– (10 x Publix Pam Coupons (Slam Dunk booklet) and 10 x $0.35 MF PAM Coopons SS) = $2.96 ($0.30 each)
5 x Kraft Shredded Cheese with a Touch of Philadelphia on sale @ $1.66 each = $8.30 
– (5 x $1 MF Kraft Shredded Cheese Coupons) = $3.30 ($0.66 each)
Tropicana OJ on sale @ 2 for $5 
– $1 MF Tropicana Coupon = $4 ($2 each)
2 x Dial Hand Soap on sale @ $1 each = $2 – (2 x $0.35) MF = $1.30 ($0.65 each)
2 x Breyers Ice Cream on BOGO sale @ 2 for $5.49 
– ($1.50 Target Breyers Coupon and 2 x $0.75 MF Breyers Coupons) = $2.49 ($1.25 each)
6 pieces of corn $2
Zucchini $1.78
– $5 Publix Coupon
Total out of pocket $35.06
Total saved $89.95

Did you get any great deals at Publix lately?

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Do you ever share coupons with other customers?

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