Apr 282011
Last week I did not have any coupons that corresponded with the sales to make a great deal, so I ended up passing on CVS shopping for the week. This week I tried very hard to put a list together with the help from Simply CVS, but even Cheryl had a hard time finding any great deals. However, I had $7 CVS Extra Bucks that would expire on April 30th, and there was no way that I was going to waste them, so I had to find a way to roll them over. 
Last week I did run into CVS to pick up a prescription, and when I scanned my CVS card I got $1 CVS Extra Bucks from scanning my, so I added that to the $7 Extra Bucks to be able to roll them over. I also used Cheryl’s CVS Tax tip, which again and again saves me big money. If I had not used her tax tip, I would not have been able to roll my Extra Bucks without any big out-of-pocket speding.
I had hoped to find the unadvertised Lays’ Chips Extra Bucks deal at my local CVS Pharmacy, but it was nowhere to be found, and neither where the chips mentioned in the deal. I also know that Cheryl had a Blinks coupon, but I did not bring one, so instead of earning a dollar, I just rolled over my bucks.
My Final CVS Totals – The Gift Card Challenge Week 8.

The $25 CVS Gift Card Challenge

Cheryl at Simply CVS has challenged me to see how far I can stretch $25 at CVS Pharmacy, and she has provided me with a $25 CVS gift card just for this purpose. With the CVS shopping tips, coupon match-ups and CVS deals alerts from Simply CVS, I hope to be able to stretch the CVS gift card far.

Week 7 off the CVS Gift Card Challenge

Week 8 of the CVS Gift Card Challenge
Transaction 1

1 Dove Mens Care deodorant on sale at $0.99
1 Dove Mens Care deodorant on sale at $0.99 
 1 Blink Tears Eye Drops on sale at $7.99

– (2 x $1 Mens Care Deodorant coupon)
– $1 CVS Extra Bucks
– 7 CVS Extra Bucks

Subtotal – $0.00

Tax $0.12
Total $0.12

Saved $21.07
$7.99 Extra Bucks Back 
CVS Gift Card Challenge Update
Week Three of the CVS Gift Card Challenge
Total out of pocket $0.12
Total Saved $21.07
Received $3.74 Extra Bucks back

Total Left on Simply CVS Challenge Gift Card 
$8.16 + 10.73 CVS Extra Bucks

Total saved in the CVS Gift Card Challenge $131.65

With Cheryl’s help, I am already beginning to prepare my shopping list for next week’s CVS ad. To help prepare my CVS shopping list, I used the following Simply CVS posts:

Simply CVS5/1 CVS ad with coupon match ups.

5/1 Extra Bucks Deals

Whenever I need a little encouragement, I always revisit this CVS Shopping post.
You can read more about the $25 CVS Gift Card Challenge at Simply CVS.

Make sure to come on over and enter my $10 CVS Gift Card Giveaway right here at Frugality Is Free.  Ends 4/20

Have you had any CVS Extra Bucks confusion, or CVS mistakes on any of your recent CVS shopping trips? Or is it just me?

I would love to hear about your CVS shopping trip:

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