Apr 152011

Saving money can be complicated and time consuming, which is why Andria at Simply Frugal Living has decided to keep saving simple. Simply Frugal living is a blog about living a frugal lifestyle by using coupons, following simple cost-cutting measures and by focusing on family instead of spending.

Andria started her frugality journey to begin reducing her family’s cost of living, so that she could become a stay-at-home mom of her two sons. Becoming a one-income household can be a challenge, but Andria leads the way by striving to live a frugal life as simply as possible. Not only is she the author of Simply Frugal Living, but she also shares her frugal living knowledge by teaching extreme couponing classes in her local community.

At SimplyFrugalLiving.com saving money is in focus, and by providing up-to-date national and local coupon and sale match-ups Simply Frugal Living will help you keep saving simple.

Through the frugal series “30 Ways to Cut the Cost of Living,” Andria shares some of the steps, which she and her husband have taken to reduce their cost of living. The series includes practical tips to help you reduce expenses in areas such as family fun, eating out, gift-giving, groceries, utilities, and more. 

If you need to keep saving simple, I encourage you to stop by Simply Frugal Living. Check out the coupon database, find sales on gluten-free products, organic coupons and get advice on how to keep your home looking fantastic on a frugal home decorating budget. At SimplyFrugalLiving.com you can get help with living life debt free, and find a wealth of frugal resources to make saving simpler for you and your family.

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