Apr 282011
V8 Splash $1.34 each after coupons and price matching
Today I was on a mission to get the Winn-Dixie’s BOGO deal on V8 Splash. I am not a fan of Winn-Dixie though, as they always give me a hard time with my coupons. There are several Winn-Dixie stores in my area, but they are not in my regular shopping plazas, so to prevent having to make a separate trip I attempted price matching at Target. 
I have used price matching at Target once with a Walgreen’s deal, since they did not have it in stock, so I am still walking on unknown territory. When you price match at Target, you need to go to customer service, and make sure to bring the current ad that you want to price match with. 

Now, I did encounter a problem, as Target apparently do not honor promotions only sales. The customer service representative told me that BOGO deals were considered a promotion and not a sale. We talked a bit about it, and after mentioning Target’s regular price, Walmart’s regular price and the hyped-up Winn-Dixie price of $3.69, he agreed that it was a sale. I might have to call Target to get the information about this, as it definitely seems like quite an exclusion, if they really want to exclude BOGO deals, which is the main sale at both Publix and Winn-Dixie.

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6 x V8 Splash @ 2 for $3.69 or $1.84 each (Target regular price $2.19) = $11.04 – (3 x $1 MF V8 Splash coupons) = $8.04 ($1.34 each)
2 x Starburst jelly beans on 50 percent off clearance at Target @ $1.24 each = $2.48 – $1 MF Starburst Coupon = $1.48 ($0.74 each)
2 x Market Pantry Eggs @ $0.99 each =  $1.98
2 x Dial Soap on sale @ $1.66 – $0.35 MF Dial Coupon = $1.31
2 x Dial Soap on sale @ $1.66 – $0.35 MF Dial Coupon = $1.31
2 x Revlon nail clippers @ $2.24 each = $4.48 – $5 Target Coupon (Catalina)  = Free ($0.52 overage)
Doodle Pro was $3.75 on clearance at Target for $1.24
Pencils, eraser and sharpener set was $2.99 on clearance at Target for $0.74
– $0.20 Target discount for using 4 reusable bags
Tax $1.39
Total out of pocket $16.72
Total saved $26.37
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Did you ever try to price match something at Target?


Did you get any great deals at Target lately?

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