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Caillou has been very popular in my house, ever since my oldest son was a toddler. He is now 8, and while he has outgrown the Caillou stage, my two youngest sons ages 20 months and 5 are big fans. My toddler loves his new big Caillou doll, and both of my youngest sons love to play with the Caillou Learning Train.
Caillou Learning Train
The Caillou Learning Train:
As a mother I immediately fell in love with the Caillou Learning Train, because it does not use any batteries. With three kids in the house battery-powered toys are often a pain, unless they come with rechargeable batteries.
The Caillou Learning Train is created for children ages 1 to 3, but my five-year-old son sure has a lot of fun playing with the Caillou Learning Train as well.
The Caillou Learning Train is all about taking the items apart and putting them back together in the right way, and it teaches children about motion, as they can wind the green key to make the Caillou Learning Train go all by itself. My sons love to roll the Caillou Learning Train into adventures.
My toddler loves the sound features, as he can squeeze the horn to make it toot and ring the bell, which has a rattling sound. When the Caillou Train is on the move, the Caillou figure moves up and down.

The Caillou Learning Train is sturdy and quite durable, and I have the feeling it is one of those toys that will last a couple of generations. The only problem is that the smaller parts can get lost, but they are big enough so that they do not pose a suffocation threat to my little one.
It comes with two figures – Caillou and his little sister Rosie, and putting the figures together is great for the small motor skills.
The Caillou Learning Train Pros:
  • It uses wind-up motion
  • It does not use batteries
  • It is sturdy
  • The parts are big
  • It encourages the use of small motor skills
  • Teaches children cause and effect
  • Fun but subtle sound effects
  • Train rolls best on hard surfaces, but it can work both inside and outside, and it even rolls through the grass after a gentle push.
The Caillou Learning Train Cons:
  • The small parts can easily be lost

The Caillou Learning Train on Adventure

The 14.5 inch Caillou Doll:
With three boys in the house, whether or not they could have a doll has been debated quite often. I won the debate a couple of years ago, when I got my then 1-year-old son a doll from the thrift store.
My boys never had a big interest in the girl doll, and I sure am glad that it isn’t a baby, because they do not treat their doll with fatherly love. When the 14.5 inch Caillou Doll arrived at our house, he got a different reception, and he has in fact been accepted by everyone in my family including dad. The Caillou Doll  seems less like a doll and more like a friend I suppose, and he can handle the rough treatment that little boys seem to give their toys.
Caillou is dressed in his regular outfit with his blue hat, yellow shirt, blue shorts and red shoes. The hat has been attached to Caillou’s hat, and unless you have a daughter, I recommend that you do not cut the attachment strings. The hat does not fit well, so it will fall off easily.
However, the red plastic shoes are a perfect fit, and they sit tight, so they won’t easily come off, unless your children actively attempts a removal. I am also a fan of Caillou’s clothing, as both the shorts and the shirt is easy to put on and off.
Caillou doll
The 14.5 inch Caillou Doll is recommended for kids ages 12 months and up, and it is a great doll for any Caillou fan.
The Caillou 14.5 inch Doll Pros:
  • Kids love the big size
  • Simple and easy to love
  • Easy to dress and undress
  • The shirt has a velcro close.
  • Shoes are tightly fitted and will not fall of easily

The Caillou 14.5 inch Doll Cons:
  •  The hat comes of easily once you detach it.
About Caillou
Caillou is a character that preschool kids can relate to as we follow him in every day situations, and he goes through many of the emotions that young children go through all over the world. The television show airs on PBS Kids and Sprout, and it is brought to you by Cookie Jar Entertainment.
Buy The Caillou Toys
The Caillou Learning Train has a retail price of $24.99, and the Classic 14.5 Caillou Doll retails for $29.99. You can find the Caillou toys at your local Toys R Us or online.
Disclaimer: I received the Caillou Learning Train and the 14.5 inch Caillou Doll for the purpose of writing a Caillou toy review thanks to my Team Mom membership. I did not receive any monetary compensation, and any opinions expressed above are based solely on my experience with the Caillou toys mentioned.

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