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Yanni Truth of Touch
Yanni’s new instrumental album Truth of Touch is the first original instrumental album released from Yanni since his cd Ethnicity in 2003. While I have heard a lot about the famous Greek-born superstar Yanni, Truth of Touch is the first Yanni cd that I have listened to, and I was not sure what to expect. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised, and Truth of Touch has a calmness to it that I find to be a great distraction in my busy daily life.
I received Yanni’s Truth of Touch just as I was about to start cleaning the house with no kids at home, so I put Truth of Touch in the cd player, turned up the volume before I began my not-so-favorite task of cleaning. Somehow Truth of Touch energized me with the instrumental softness and eclectic musical style. I went from dusting, to vacuuming, to washing the floors and continued on to cleaning the windows inside and outside and even washing the screens….all in no time and with a bit of enjoyment. Yanni’s Truth of Touch made cleaning more pleasant, and the time spent cleaning went by faster than ever.

Just as I thought Yanni’s music was only instrumental vocals appear in Can’t Wait and again in Secret. The vocals have been fit perfectly with the instrumental music, and they do not overwhelm the songs or the overall calm feeling of the cd. Can’t Wait with vocals by Leslie Mills is one of my favorite songs on the cd, but Truth of Touch and Seasons are two of my other favorites. In Yanni’s music I hear remnants of the Greek music that is played at the yearly Greek festival in my neighborhood, but really Yanni’s music is entirely different and the melodic instrumental songs is filled with a great rhythmic sense, which really showcases Yanni’s special gift .
Truth of Touch by Yanni
1. Truth of Touch
2. Echo of a Dream
3. Seasons
4. Voyage
5. Flash of Color
6. Vertigo
7. Nine
8. Can’t Wait
9. Guilty Pleasure
10. O Luce Che Brilla Nell ‘Oscurita
11. I’m So
12. Long Way Home
13. Yanni & Arturo
14. Mist of A Kiss
14. Secret
Yanni kicked off his North American tour in March, and several of his April performances are already sold out. For an update on Yanni’s tour dates visit Yanni’s website.
4/7 Washington DC
4/8 Atlantic City, NJ – SOLD OUT
4/9 New York, NY – SOLD OUT
4/11 Charlotte, NC
4/12 Durham, NC
4/14 Jacksonville, FL
4/15 West Palm Beach, FL – SOLD OUT
4/16  Miami, FL – SOLD OUT
4/18 Tampa, FL 
4/19 Naples, FL – SOLD OUT
4/20 Orlando, FL
4/22 Greenville, SC
4/23 Atlanta, GA
4/29 Denver, CO
4/30 West Valley City, UT
5/2 Seattle, WA
5/3 Spokane, WA
5/4 Portland, OR
5/6 San Jose, CA
5/7 San Fransico, CA
5/8 Los Angeles, CA
5/10 Fresno, CA
5/12 Santa Ynez, CA
5/13 San Diego, CA
5/14 Las Vegas, NV
5/15 Glendale, AR
5/17 El Paso, TX
5/19 Houston, TX
5/20 Grand Prairie, TX
5/21 McAllen, TX
You can read more about Yanni’s 2011 Tour here.
Truth Of Touch
You can buy your own copy of Truth Of Touch on Amazon.com
You can also buy an MP3 download of Truth of Touch on Amazon.com.
You can read more about Yanni and his new album Truth of Touch at Yanni’s website.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Truth of Touch by Yanni to review from One2One Network. My opinion of Truth of Touch has only been influenced of my experience with the cd. 

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