May 242011
There were not much that I wanted to get this week, but I did pick up $1 Purex detergent, as this is about the best price on detergent, if I cannot get it for free. I could not find the free Crystal Light single packs, which were mentioned on Simply CVS, and of course the CVS Green Bag Tag was not in stock either.

I do not have the Great Revlon Coupons that will land many of you free Revlon nailpolish this week, but I had gotten a $2 Revlon Target coupon instead, which I have used to get free beauty tools at Target several times.
I had an issue with the gum, as I first bought the Stride gum, and then I saw a sign advertising Dentyne gum for $0.99 with $0.99 back as well. I looked in the CVS ad, and it was not part of the Stride/Trident sale, so I picked one up. (Limit was 1). Of course the Extra Buck did not print, so I asked why it did not, and the cashier told me it was included in the sale. I looked at the ad again, and it definitely did not mention the Dentyne as a part of the sale, and I could not see any expiration date on the deal….so the cashier gave me back the $0.99 Extra Buck back, but he continued to use the code from the ad, instead of going over and getting it from the signage. 
Did anyone else see this Dentyne deal?
My Final CVS Totals – The Gift Card Challenge Week 12.

The $25 CVS Gift Card Challenge

Cheryl at Simply CVS has challenged me to see how far I can stretch $25 at CVS Pharmacy, and she has provided me with a $25 CVS gift card just for this purpose. With the CVS shopping tips, coupon match-ups and CVS deals alerts from Simply CVS, I hope to be able to stretch the CVS gift card far.

Week 12 of the CVS Gift Card Challenge
Transaction 1 

2 x Purex @ $1.98 = $3.96 – (2 x $1 MF Purex Coupon RP 5/1) = $1.96
2 x Stride Gum @ $0.99 each = $1.98 – ($1 Stride Gum Coupon SS 4/3) = $0.99

– $2 CVS Extra Bucks
– $1 CVS Extra Bucks

Subtotal $-0.06

Tax $0.36
Total $0.30
Saved $15.78
$0.99 CVS Extra Bucks Back

Transaction 2

Dentyne Gum on sale @ 0.99
– 0.99 CVS Extra Bucks

Subtotal $0.00

Tax $0.06
Total $0.06

Saved $1.37
0.99 CVS Extra Bucks Back
CVS Gift Card Challenge Update
Week 12 of the CVS Gift Card Challenge
Total out of pocket $0.36
Total Saved $81.62
Received $0.99 Extra Bucks back

Total Left on the Simply CVS Challenge Gift Card 
$3.33 + $16 CVS Extra Bucks

Total saved in the CVS Gift Card Challenge $291.05
To help prepare my CVS shopping list, I used the following Simply CVS posts:

Simply CVS5/22 CVS ad with coupon match ups.

CVS Dollar or Less Deals

Whenever I need a little encouragement, I always revisit this CVS Shopping post.
You can read more about the $25 CVS Gift Card Challenge at Simply CVS.

Win A $10 CVS Pharmacy Gift Card 6/20

I would love to hear about your CVS shopping trip:

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