May 272011
I love love love Kohl’s coupons, and even though I do not have a Kohl’s card, I still get plenty of fabulous Kohl’s coupons. Sometimes they are in the local paper, about a month ago someone came by and hung Kohl’s coupons on my door knobs (back and front), and sometimes I find them in my email. 
You can get 15 percent off Kohl’s online when you use this coupon code: MAY15PLUS5
Get your printable in-store 15 Percent Off Kohl’s Savings Pass here.
Today I found both $5 Kohl’s coupons and 15 percent off Kohl’s coupons in my emails, so I am hoping to hit the Kohl’s clearance racks this weekend. I might even have to bring my husband, as it is one coupon per person.
So, check your emails for new Kohl’s coupons. I buy a lot of clothes for my family at Kohl’s, but always from the clearance racks and always with coupons. 

Check out my latest Kohl’s coupon shopping trips…see what I got for $2 at Kohl’s this week.

You can sign up for Kohl’s emails and Kohl’s coupons here.

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